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The use of blogs by law firms

American legal social media expert Adrian Dayton has provided data (on his blog, of course) which shows that 75% of the AmLaw 100 firms now have at least one blog. The AmLaw 100 is compiled annually by The American Lawyer magazine and ranks US law firms by number of attorneys, profits per partner and total revenue. Dayton says that between them the top 100 firms have 390 blogs. Of these, 165 have been added over the past year.

Checking out what most people would agree is the “NZ 10” of the biggest firms (all the usual suspects), our provisional blog total is 0.5 (Minter Ellison Rudd Watts provides access to its posts to the CCH-managed Talk Tax Blog) and another possible (a broken link to a “Procurement Infrastructure and Construction Blog” on DLA Philips Fox’s website). While all the biggest 10 firms in New Zealand are prolific producers of hardcopy and digital newsletters and backgrounders, blogging (at least in public) doesn’t seem to be something our largest firms do.

This is not to say that blogging and New Zealand law firms don’t go together. The internet is littered with the bodies of blogs begun in hope and inspiration and then abandoned, but some local law firms are finding it a very useful means of communicating instantly and informally. Leaving aside the “unattached legal bloggers” (such as Steven Price, Andrew Geddis, John Bowie and Dean Knight), a growing number of smaller law firms feature a blog on their website. Those practices which promote access to a blog (updated within the last year) include Franks & Ogilvie, Family Law Results, John Edwards barrister, Laurent Law, Lowndes Jordan, Property Law, Quay Law, Sharp Tudhope and Webb Ross. Newsletters still hold sway, but it appears the day of the blog is coming.

This article was published in LawTalk 795, 11 May 2012, page 15.


Last updated on the 22nd May 2012