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New wills management software a timesaver

15 June 2017

A new online programme ‘WillNotice’ could replace an old manual law firm job; checking the daily death notices in the local newspaper.

How it works is not that complicated

WillNotice creator, Stuart Bale says normally a staff member at a law firm will check the death notices daily in case the company holds a will for any of the people.

“How it works is that every day I feed in the list of death notices published in all newspapers across the country into WillNotice. It takes the list of wills the firm holds and makes a comparison and generates any matches,” he says.

He says there are about one-hundred deaths every day in New Zealand and a small to medium sized law firm might typically hold about one-thousand wills.

“It’s a little challenging to keep a list of the wills inside your head. The normal process would be to individually type the details of the person that has died into your practice management system.

Won’t it conflict with practice management systems installed on law firm computers?

Mr Bale says Excel spread sheets can be uploaded into WillNotice no problem.

“But many firms will keep their wills information within their practice management systems such as LAWbase, Onelaw, LegalOffice, JuniorPartner or InfinityLaw,” he says.

To get around that obstacle, Stuart Bale started building automated integrations against practice management systems.

“What happens is some software is installed at the law firm typically next to the practice management system software. Every day it will check as to whether there are any changes to the wills within the practice management system. If there has been, it automates the changes and uploads them to the WillNotice server,” he says.


Last updated on the 16th June 2017