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03 November 2017

Claudia King, who until a few months ago was the director of law firm Dennis King Law and its online brand Legal Beagle, recalls “doing a lot of really repetitive and boring document creation” as a lawyer.

“I also spent a lot of time reviewing documentation prepared by my team as I lived in fear of someone making an error. It made me miserable and I yearned to have more time to spend doing more meaningful legal work,” she says.

Claudia says she looked around at the document automation software available to speed up document creation, but felt it was too expensive, too hard to use and inflexible.

Claudia and her late father, Dennis King, launched Legal Beagle in 2011 with the aim of making buying online legal services and legal documents easier. To sell legal documents online she found herself again looking at document automation software but, unable to find what she was looking for, decided to build a document automation software which would be available in the cloud with e-commerce built in. It would be affordable and easy to use.

And so Automio was born. It launched in June 2017.

What is Automio?

It is software that empowers busy lawyers to automate repetitive, time consuming tasks like document drafting. Lawyers can create documents in seconds.

Ms King says Automio comes with an interview bot and document builder in the cloud. “You train Automio to ask questions and produce customised documents based on what it learns from you or your clients,” she says.

“You don’t need any IT experience to automate your legal document creation using Automio.

“Automio also helps lawyers and law firms serve their clients online without the expense of getting an ecommerce website developed. Clients complete interviews online and then Automio creates their required documents in an instant. Lawyers can choose whether the client can have the document straight away, or whether the document needs to come to the lawyer first for review.

“Automio facilitates credit card payments to help lawyers get paid quickly.

If you don’t want to author your own automated documents you can use Automio's readymade precedent bank of automated legal documents. Or the Automio team can turn your legal document Word templates into automated documents for you.

Who is using Automio?

Automio says it has about 250 users, most of whom are in New Zealand and Australia, with some users in the United States and the UK.

Most users are lawyers and law firms, but Automio is used in several other industries including insurance, engineering, hospitality, and real estate.

The majority of Automio's law firm users are small to medium sized law firms with two to 10 partners or directors. Ms King says she has recently seen an increase in interest from in-house teams and larger law firms.

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Last updated on the 3rd November 2017