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Everlaw e-discovery software

03 November 2017 - By Kate Geenty

Cloud-based eDiscovery software Everlaw aims to make electronic discovery as easy as a Google search or finding a movie on Netflix.

Everlaw has been in the New Zealand market for about 18 months, through a partnership with Nulegal. Ben Kennedy, manager at eDiscovery and forensics at Nulegal, says Everlaw embodies machine learning and predictive coding. “Which is like Netflix. Netflix recommends movies to you based on its understanding of the characteristics of the movies that you watch. That technology has been brought into the litigation space. If you’re marking documents of interest, then the Everlaw system will point out other documents that have similar characteristics.”

Everlaw uses keyword searches, predictive coding and other filters to help users find documents they are interested in. “It’s commonplace these days for many discovery matters to say something like ‘we want all of Ben Kennedy’s emails to do with Everlaw’. Now, I have over 20,000 emails on that topic, so we need to be a little bit smarter about how we run those searches. Everlaw uses predictive coding so you can search everything in an instant, you can search as fast as you Google search. It’s intuitive and it’s fast.”

Because it’s intuitive, Mr Kennedy says lawyers are doing more in the platform. “They feel more confident to run the searches for their documents. The same way you jump onto Google, you don’t feel the need to ask someone how to run a Google search, you get in there, plug in some search terms and do it.”

Mr Kennedy says the cloud infrastructure scales with demand. “You’re delivered the same experience if you’re accessing a case with 100 million documents as you are if you’re accessing a case with 1,000 documents.”

Everlaw and Nulegal charge per gigabyte used per month. “There is a cost there, but the end benefit is you’re able to do things much quicker.”

Mr Kennedy says Everlaw’s average document review rate is 115 documents per hour. “And we see that move north when there’s more familiarity with the substantive content.”

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Last updated on the 3rd November 2017