New Zealand Law Society - COVID-19 Protection Framework: Wellington Library Protocols

COVID-19 Protection Framework: Wellington Library Protocols


The New Zealand Government has transitioned its COVID-19 strategy from elimination to protection. The New Zealand Law Society | Te Kāhui Ture o Aotearoa wants to support this strategy to create certainty and stability for employees and allows our lives to return to some resemblance of normal. Creating certainty for businesses that they can remain open to protect livelihoods and opportunities for New Zealanders to participate in normal activities while being protected from the worst effects of the virus. We want to encourage employees to work together to prevent the spread of COVID-19 by following these protocols.


All Library visitors.

Under the COVID-19 Protection Framework and Law Society COVID-19 Response policy restrictions and requirements will apply differently to fully vaccinated and unvaccinated library visitors.


Effective from 3 December 2021.


All visitors will need to QR Scan or sign in on the register and declare their vaccination status on arrival and present a valid vaccine pass or certificate. Anyone who does not declare their status or present a valid pass or certificate will be considered unvaccinated. You must be vaccinated to enter.

For vaccinated library visitors, under the COVID-19 Protection Framework, at Red Traffic Light there are no movement restrictions in our libraries. Social distancing of 1 metre is required and a limit to the number of people in the library based on the site capacity to maintain social distancing requirements. Masks are recommended when moving around the library but not while seated.

At Orange Traffic Light, there is no limit on numbers or social distancing requirements. Masks are encouraged.

At Green Traffic Light, there is no limit on numbers or social distancing requirements. Masks are not required but are encouraged in the library.

Entry requirements for all library visitors include: 

  • QR scanning and record keeping are required; and
  • declare their vaccination status and present a vaccine pass/certificate; and 
  • Mask wearing appropriate to the traffic light colour   

A sanitising and contact-tracing desk is set up at the main entrances to all offices, libraries, branches, and event venues. Available on each desk are disposable masks, sanitiser, wipes, QR code posters, sign-in sheets (if unable to QR scan) and a list of protocols to be followed.  

If you have a cough, cold or flu-like symptoms you must STAY AWAY until symptom free and have a negative COVID –19 test.

For unvaccinated library visitors, the Law Society COVID-19 Response policy for access to premises and events requires that you must be fully vaccinated to enter.

The following alternative services are available to anyone unable to access the library in-person by contacting the Librarian on 04 473 6202 or email :

  • Anything required from our hardcopy collection is not available directly and you will need to contact the librarian to make a document delivery request or access our research services (fees apply for these services).
  • If you need to collect or handover documents or books, contact the Librarian to arrange a contactless transaction.
  • Kiosk services are only available when the Wellington Courthouse is open
  • After-hours services are not currently available at Wellington library.
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