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Crown Lawyers all levels - Cook Islands

Due to a recent expansion, vacancies have become available in the Crown Law Office in Rarotonga, and the Solicitor-General invites applications for the position of Crown Counsel. All levels of experience are invited and remuneration will be commensurate with that experience.

The Crown Law Office provides legal services to the government, including the Queen’s Representative, Cabinet, the Prime Minister, Ministers, and other government entities and statutory bodies. The office deals with a broad range of work across varied areas of law including legislative drafting, commercial and contract law, litigation, criminal prosecutions, international law and public law.

Career paths are available for Cook Islanders, and 2-3 year contracts are available for expatriates.

Applications should be sent to the Crown Law Office, P. O. Box 494, Avarua, Rarotonga, Cook Islands or to and must be received by 11 December 2020 (Cook Islands time). Applications should include a cover letter and a curriculum vitae.

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