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Family Lawyer - Christchurch

  • Boutique law practice
  • Diverse workplace
  • Driven to grow knowledge, skills, and professional development
  • Flexible working options including remote working / work from home
  • Committed to serving the areas we practice in

Lawhub is on the lookout for an experienced family lawyer with at least level 2 legal aid to join the team and help with the firm’s movements into developing a family law focus within the practice. We offer a diverse and dedicated working environment and are committed to our clients and the areas we operate in. The team has worked over the last 18 months to develop a Māori Land practice and now wants to deepen the firm’s ability to service a wider field of our client base.

The ideal candidate will be a lawyer who brings experience in family law, who challenges the norm of thinking, who can both independently and collaboratively work, and have a positive impact on the Lawhub team and Lawhub clients.

Lawhub’s commitment is to grow with you in your career to build a long term supportive and established practice. Lawhub is family friendly and can cater this position’s working hours to fit around the candidates own family requirements.

Skills and experience

  • Experience of at least 4 years as a family lawyer
  • Level 2 legal aid approved for family law
  • Diligent with technology (Microsoft office, practice management software)
  • Great level of time management
  • Ability to communicate and engage well with clients
  • Proactive in providing solutions and problem solving


  • Qualified solicitor with current membership or eligibility for membership in the New Zealand Law Society (Practicing certificate).


  • Assisting with Lawhub’s goal to establish a family law practice
  • Manage and maintain the family law practice in conjunction with the firms Principal and General Manager
  • Represent clients on family law matters including: Adoptions, Care and contact arrangements for children, CYFS matters, Dissolution of marriage, Domestic violence, Guardianship disputes, Orders preventing removal of child, Paternity, Applications under the Protection of Personal Property Rights Act, Relocation, Relationship property

About Lawhub

Lawhub is a boutique firm with offices in Christchurch and Hamilton that was formed in 2017.

Our purpose is answered in one question, “why do we exist?”

Our purpose is to make the law accessible by redefining what it means to be a law firm in New Zealand serving a diverse local community.

And our position – “how will we do this?”

Our community oriented, technology driven model is unique in the legal profession and differentiates Law Hub from the traditional law firms.

Deeply connected to the communities we serve, we are seen as industry leaders in how to leverage and align technology with office processes to manage cases, clients, staff and offer a full suite of legal services more effectively around the country.


  • Base salary to be negotiated
  • Profit share to be negotiated
  • Salaried partner options to be negotiated

Please contact me should you want further information or would like to apply
Michael Welten – General Manager
DDI: +64 (3) 595 0250
P: +64 (3) 926 0040

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