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Vitality Works and the Law Society

Vitality Works' vision is to change lives. It partners with organisations to promote health, safety and wellbeing services and programmes within the workplace. It provides a range of services including online health assessments through to full wellbeing programs.

Vitality Works' approach focuses on the individual employee as well as the organisation. It works to resource and inspire happy people to cultivate a healthy environment. 

Vitality Works provides a nation-wide service and has offices in Auckland and Wellington. Vitality Works has significant corporate partnerships across New Zealand and has the experience to support your practice.

For New Zealand lawyers, Vitality Works provides free access to its Wellbeing360® online health assessment. To use Wellbeing360® follow the link, use the registration code sent out to all lawyers in LawPoints Issue 451.

Check the direction of your health

By doing the Wellbeing 360® assessment you will receive:

  • A health score out of 100.
  • A confidential report on your own health status.
  • Tips and suggestions to point you in a healthy direction for the future.

Takes just minutes

The Wellbeing 360® assessment will take around 12 minutes of your precious time but the motivation and advice you will receive will last much longer!

Private & Confidential

This assessment is brought to you by Vitality Works. Your health score and personal wellbeing report is completely confidential and your personally identifiable information will not be shared with your employer or any third party.

The Law Society and Vitality Works partnership is aimed at supporting you to keep practising well.

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