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  • Recording and implementing settlement agreements - NZ Law Society

    5 May 2017: 05 May 2017 - By Paul Sills. Mediation allows parties to exercise self-determination. The parties involved create both the outcome and the terms of settlement. This normally means the parties take psychological ownership of the outcome, and are more

  • David Lyon retires from Haigh Lyon - NZ Law Society

    23 Mar 2017: 23 March 2017 - By Gerard Molloy. One of the true characters of the legal profession has taken down his shingle. David Lyon retired from the legal profession at the end of last year, after 54 years practising law. David began his legal career as a

  • Rudeness to prosecutor and court staff - NZ Law Society

    5 May 2017: A criminal defence lawyer has been censured and fined by a lawyers standards committee for two separate incidents of unprofessional behaviour. In one incident, the lawyer, C, interrupted a police prosecutor while he was attending to another matter.…rudeness-to-prosecutor-and-court-staff

  • AMINZ’s new role in appointing arbitrators - NZ Law Society

    5 May 2017: 05 May 2017 - By Deborah Hart. The Arbitrators’ and Mediators’ Institute of New Zealand (AMINZ) has been chosen as the official agency to appoint arbitrators in the place of the High Court. The appointment, which came into force on 1 March 2017,

  • Focus on Whakatane - NZ Law Society

    5 May 2017: 05 May 2017 - By Kate Geenty. Whakatane lawyer David Sparks says the local law fraternity was very tightknit when he moved there 44 years ago. As a newcomer to the Eastern Bay of Plenty town he was taken around all the law firms and introduced to

  • Acting on hacker’s instructions - NZ Law Society

    5 May 2017: A lawyer, D, who acted on instructions from a hacker he believed was his client and paid client funds into unrelated bank accounts, was guilty of unsatisfactory conduct. A lawyer’s standards committee censured D and ordered him to pay the client,…ervice-acting-on-hackers-instructions

  • Copyright miscellany - NZ Law Society

    5 May 2017: 05 May 2017 - By Doug Calhoun. Copyright law has been playing catch-up with technology since the Statute of Anne in 1710, a legislative reaction to the ubiquity of printing presses. New Zealand’s 1962 Copyright Act came into being just before

  • The new lawyer: Emma von Veh, Solicitor, Ministry of Health,…

    5 May 2017: 05 May 2017 - By Angharad O’Flynn. Born in South Africa, Emma von Veh’s family moved to New Zealand when she was a child. “At high school, my favourite subject was always English, but I also had an aptitude for maths and the sciences and was

  • Young legal scholar offers new solutions for New Zealand - NZ Law…

    5 May 2017: 05 May 2017 - By Lynda Hagen. In 2014, a brilliant young New Zealand lawyer, Max Harris, suddenly found himself having open heart surgery in England to repair an aneurysm. The experience caused him to think hard about how best to use his talents:

  • Ismail Rasheed’s fascinating path to tax law specialist - NZ Law…

    5 May 2017: 05 May 2017 - By Nick Butcher. Coming from the remote Maldives in the Indian Ocean motivated a Wellington-based immigrant lawyer to excel in two difficult and oft-considered dry areas of practice, tax and intellectual property law. Ismail Rasheed

Last updated on the 7th July 2015