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  • Help Rachel fight MS - NZ Law Society

    2 Jun 2017: I’m writing this letter in support of my friend Rachel Fernando who is battling an aggressive form of Multiple Sclerosis. I met Rachel 17 years ago at high school in Christchurch. A friendly and gorgeous girl, Rachel had no shortage of admirers or

  • Focus On legal practice in Blenheim - NZ Law Society

    6 Jun 2017: 06 June 2017 - By Kate Geenty. The thriving wine industry has seen the sunny South Island town of Blenheim evolve into a settlement with an international flavour. “This is a small town, but with a depth of demographic not found in other quarters

  • A following sea? - NZ Law Society

    2 Jun 2017: 02 June 2017 - By Vicki Morrison-Shaw and Nicole Buxeda. Parliament recently passed the Te Awa Tupua (Whanganui River Claims Settlement) Act 2017, which declares the Whanganui River to be a legal person with all the rights, powers, duties and

  • Funding the regulation of legal practice - NZ Law Society

    6 Jun 2017: 06 June 2017 - By Tim Jones, New Zealand Law Society Vice President (Auckland). The Minister of Justice has approved the fees and levies payable by anyone who practises law in the year to 30 June 2018. For the 2017/18 practising year there will be a

  • LCRO complaints procedure flawed - NZ Law Society

    2 Jun 2017: I note with interest that NZLS President, Kathryn Beck, recently praised the courage of lawyers around the world in January for standing up for the rights of their clients. It would be marvellous if the lawyers in New Zealand could perhaps stand up

  • Once upon a career change - NZ Law Society

    6 Jun 2017: 06 June 2017 - By Kate Geenty. Former Auckland lawyer Nalini Singh gave up her day job to pursue a writing career – with spectacular results. She’s gone from toiling away on resource management cases to writing international bestsellers about

  • Turning pro bono willingness into action - NZ Law Society

    2 Jun 2017: 02 June 2017 - By Lynda Hagen. There’s no shortage of Lawyers willing to do pro bono work – the problem is matching them up to clients whose unmet legal needs deserve attention. That’s the view of Darryn Aitchison, of the Auckland Community

  • New Enduring Power of Attorney forms - NZ Law Society

    2 Jun 2017: The new forms which we have been toiling with since mid-March, are not user friendly. They are unpopular with secretarial staff and practitioners. They are far too long. Since EPAs were originally introduced they have ballooned out from one to 14

  • Former Russell McVeagh solicitor, full-time windsurfer - NZ Law…

    6 Jun 2017: 06 June 2017 - By Angharad O’Flynn. Born in Auckland to a French mother and an Italian father, Antonio Cozzolino spent about half of his life in growing up in Europe. In New Zealand, Antonio attended Sacred Heart College in Auckland. He’s now

  • The Structure(s) of Property Law - NZ Law Society

    2 Jun 2017: 02 June 2017 - By Thomas Gibbons. Most property lawyers are pragmatists – we aim to get things done. But property law, as a structure, is not entirely driven by pragmatism. The numerus clausus principle suggests there are fixed categories of

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