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  • Communication with all clients vital - NZ Law Society

    7 Jul 2017: A lawyer, N, told a standards committee that in future he will be “vigilant” in ensuring that all his clients are copied in on all correspondence. The committee was considering a complaint from another lawyer, Mr O, that N had failed to:. Obtain…7/communication-with-all-clients-vital

  • A new Land Transfer Act - NZ Law Society

    4 Aug 2017: 04 August 2017 - By Thomas Gibbons. The main thing I remember from the land law class I took at law school was the notion of ‘indefeasibility’, a word I have still never heard used outside land law (by way of comparison, words like caveat, and

  • Focus on legal practice on the West Coast - NZ Law Society

    7 Aug 2017: 07 August 2017 - By Kate Geenty. The sun shines through morning mist rising from the bush at Ten Mile Creek, on SH6 between Greymouth and Punakaiki. Working in a small, regional centre can be challenging and rewarding on both a personal and

  • Read your own unconscious bias articles - NZ Law Society

    4 Aug 2017: 04 August 2017. A story on All Blacks who are/were lawyers might set the hearts of half your readership thumping and even allow them to spend a six-minute unit or two dreaming of swapping their pinstripes for a pair of studded rugby boots, but spare

  • Lawyers must adhere to terms of agreement - NZ Law Society

    15 Jun 2017: A lawyer acting for the seller in a property transaction has been fined $1, 000 after refusing to release the e-dealing until additional costs were paid. A lawyers standards committee found that the lawyer, J, had breached an undertaking J had given…ers-must-adhere-to-terms-of-agreement

  • Overcoming gunpoint negotiation as a lawyer in Iraq - NZ Law Society

    4 Aug 2017: 04 August 2017 - By Nick Butcher. Irrefutably one of the best skills a lawyer will ever take to a meeting is excellent negotiation skills, but imagine having to use those skills to negotiate the release of yourself and two soldiers in a

  • How money can be laundered - NZ Law Society

    4 Aug 2017: 04 August 2017 - By Nick Butcher. Photo by Flickr user Thomas Hawk CC-By-NC. A former lawyer who recently completed researching the vulnerability of New Zealand lawyers, accountants and real estate agents to being caught up in money laundering, says

  • Censure and fine for inadequate advice - NZ Law Society

    7 Jul 2017: A lawyer who failed to properly advise the buyers of a property has been censured and fined $2, 500 by a lawyers standards committee. The lawyer, P, was also ordered to cancel and refund his $1, 201 fee for work on the purchase. The clients, a…censure-and-fine-for-inadequate-advice

  • ACC and appeals to the Supreme Court - NZ Law Society

    4 Aug 2017: 04 August 2017 - By Don Rennie. On 1 April 1974 at the commencement of the amended Accident Compensation Act 1972, there was a massive and lasting change made to personal injury law in New Zealand. The common law right to sue for damages was removed

  • Acting contrary to client instructions - NZ Law Society

    7 Jul 2017: A lawyer, G, has been fined $8, 000 for acting contrary to his client’s expressed instructions. In setting the penalty, a lawyers standards committee said that it considered the conduct to be at the “higher end of the scale of unsatisfactory…acting-contrary-to-client-instructions

Last updated on the 7th July 2015