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  • General Election 2017: 5 questions on justice policies - NZ Law…

    31 Aug 2017: 31 August 2017. As an organisation at the forefront of law reform, the New Zealand Law Society has a major interest in presenting the policies and proposals for changes in New Zealand’s justice system. Parties which are registered to contest the

  • Censure and fine for failing to pay barrister - NZ Law Society

    1 Sep 2017: 01 September 2017. Keith Jefferies who was acting as an instructing solicitor has been censured and fined $3, 000 for failing to pay the fees of a barrister. The barrister complained that Mr Jefferies did not pay her fees promptly and in full as…and-fine-for-failing-to-pay-barrister

  • Trust deed audits: a reminder of regulatory change - NZ Law Society

    1 Sep 2017: 01 September 2017 - By Robert Buchanan. The auditing requirements for issuer trust deeds are in the Financial Markets Conduct Regulations 2014 and previously in the Securities Regulations 2009 and the Deposit Takers Regulations 2010. Under the old

  • Victoria Anderson, Wairarapa sole practitioner - NZ Law Society

    1 Sep 2017: 01 September 2017 - By Angharad O’Flynn. An accomplished family lawyer with a passion for children and families, Victoria Anderson has worked mainly as a family lawyer for most of her legal career. Admitted to the Bar at the Hamilton High Court in

  • Helping Muslim travellers deal with authorities - NZ Law Society

    1 Sep 2017: 01 September 2017 - By Lynda Hagen. A Law Foundation-backed project is helping ease concerns among New Zealand’s Muslim community about their treatment by security authorities. The Human Rights Foundation project has been prompted by complaints

  • Be very clear if you are not acting - NZ Law Society

    1 Sep 2017: 01 September 2017. A lawyers standards committee has assessed the actions of a lawyer as “not particularly wise”, serving as a reminder for other lawyers. The lawyer did not believe she had been instructed and the committee could not find…7/be-very-clear-if-you-are-not-acting

  • Focus on legal practice in Whangarei - NZ Law Society

    1 Sep 2017: 01 September 2017 - By Kate Geenty. Thirty-six years ago Steve Wong got off a bus in Whangarei carrying just a suitcase. He came to town to take up a job at the law firm Johnson Hooper. Mr Wong hadn’t planned on staying long, but two years down

  • Equal Justice Project helps practical skills development - NZ Law…

    1 Sep 2017: 01 September 2017 - By Craig Stephen. The Equal Justice Project’s pro bono initiative gives law students invaluable opportunities to gain experience while working on human rights projects in New Zealand. The team offers support to practitioners,

  • Pricing and the ‘Dunning-Kruger Effect’ - NZ Law Society

    1 Sep 2017: 01 September 2017 - By Richard Burcher. When working with partners to assist them on a specific pricing proposal, all too often the conversation goes something like this;. “So what levels of resourcing will be required for this and how long do you

  • What are your party’s policies in relation to access to legal aid? -…

    30 Aug 2017: 30 August 2017. Read all the questions and party responses in ourOur aim is to reduce the number of people needing legal aid. Our approach to that is covered briefly in our response to question one. Meantime we would raise the income threshold for

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