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  • The first 90 days in that coveted new job: How to hit the ground…

    3 Nov 2017: 03 November 2017 - By Emma Potts. It is hard to overstate the importance of starting well: the opening words of a speech, the early lines of a novel, the first few bars of a song. As an audience, a strong start gets our buy in. Get it wrong at the

  • Five month opt-in granted for leaky-building class action - NZ Law…

    3 Nov 2017: 03 November 2017 - By Stuart Dalzell. A class action proceeding claiming that James Hardie’s Harditex and Titan Board plaster cladding products are inherently defective and cause water ingress and damage has been given the green light by the Court

  • Balancing contractual intention and legislative rights: The case of…

    3 Nov 2017: 03 November 2017 - By Rebecca Scott and Ines Shennan. Pilots win age-discrimination case as the Supreme Court finds that non-discrimination rights are not contractual – Brown &Anor v New Zealand Basing Ltd [2017] NZSC 139. Cathay Pacific’s Hong…ts-the-case-of-the-peripatetic-pilots

  • Five things lawyers believe that are bullshit - NZ Law Society

    3 Nov 2017: 03 November 2017 - By Claudia King. Many lawyers have a set of beliefs about how lawyers should act and do their legal work. Some of these beliefs are simply not true. Our legal training, the media, TV shows and movies about lawyers, and our

  • The first step of AML/CFT compliance – understanding your ML/TF Risks …

    3 Nov 2017: 03 November 2017 - By Neil Jeans. One of the main aims of New Zealand’s AML/CFT regime is the identification and management of money laundering (ML) and terrorist financing (TF) risks. The first recommendation within the Financial Action Task

  • Profound insights into early New Zealand law - NZ Law Society

    3 Nov 2017: 03 November 2017. By Shaunnagh Dorsett. Reviewed by Jeremy Finn. Most New Zealand lawyers will not be particularly familiar with details of the legal developments during the Crown Colony period from 1840 to 1854. This general lack of awareness is

  • Confessions of a recovering goal addict - NZ Law Society

    3 Nov 2017: 03 November 2017 - By Katie Cowan. For much of my life I wanted to be a doctor. It seemed to be the hardest thing I could be. It would pay well, and everyone would know I was a good person without having to tell them all the time. My brother, father,

  • Broadcasting to the nation: the public’s interest in Gareth Morgan…

    3 Nov 2017: 03 November 2017 - By Sally McKechnie and Charlotte Doyle. Legal challenges over exclusion from minor party leaders' debates are something of a feature of general election campaigns. In 2005, the High Court ordered TV3 to include United Future’s

  • Get ready for the change - NZ Law Society

    3 Nov 2017: 03 November 2017 - By Damon Herbert. In case you missed it, the first phase of Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Financing of Terrorism Act (AML/CFT) legislation came into force for banks, casinos and other key financial institutions back in 2013.

  • Do we have a consistent approach? Sexual experience and reputation…

    3 Nov 2017: 03 November 2017 - By Maria Dew and Christina Laing. The Employment Relations Act 2000 (ERA) and the Human Rights Act 1993 (HRA) both have legislative mechanisms governing the evidence of the sexual experience and reputation of a claimant in a…ence-in-civil-sexual-harassment-claims

Last updated on the 7th July 2015