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  • Practical tips on conducting customer due diligence - NZ Law Society

    1 Dec 2017: 01 December 2017 - By Lloyd Kavanagh and Tina Xu. When lawyers become reporting entities under the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Financing of Terrorism(AML/CFT) regime from 1 July 2018, a key ongoing obligation will be to conduct “customer

  • Enforcing restraint of trade clauses in franchise agreements - NZ Law …

    1 Dec 2017: 01 December 2017 - By Deirdre Watson. Franchising is only attractive to franchisors as a method of business expansion if they can retain and exercise control over the use of their brand, their system and the way in which their products and services

  • Sexual harassment in the NZ legal workplace - NZ Law Society

    30 Nov 2017: 30 November 2017 - By A New Zealand Lawyer. The author of the following article is anonymous. While LawTalk has a policy of identifying the author of each article, we fully respect her reasons for anonymity: “Although I think these are important

  • The fine art of billing: What you really need to know - NZ Law Society

    1 Dec 2017: 01 December 2017 - By Emily Morrow. Because law is as much a business as a profession and the billable hour is a critical part of that, handling the time recording/billing aspect of one’s practice is a core capability for lawyers. As one of my…-billing-what-you-really-need-to-know

  • Dealing with the Commerce Commission - Voluntary or involuntary? - NZ …

    1 Dec 2017: 01 December 2017 - By John Land. An important consideration for lawyers in advising clients subject to Commerce Commission investigations is how to deal with requests made by the Commission for the client to provide information on a voluntary basis

  • From Russia with Love (and Trust) - Russian oligarch fails to conceal …

    1 Dec 2017: 01 December 2017 - By Sally Morris and Georgia Angus. In the recent decision JSC Mezhdunarodniy Promyshlenniy Bank v Pugachev[2017] EWHC 2426 (Ch), Birss J of the High Court of England and Wales held that the settlor of five New Zealand foreign…assets-in-new-zealand-trust-structure

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