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  • No disciplinary response needed for EQC claim, but faults noted - NZ…

    2 Mar 2018: 02 March 2018. [Names used in this article are ficticious]. A lawyers standards committee has decided to take no further action on a complaint that a lawyer failed her clients regarding EQC and private insurance claims. However, the committee said

  • The Good Lawyer Project - NZ Law Society

    2 Mar 2018: 02 March 2018 - By Angharad O'Flynn. In a perfect world, a client charged with a criminal offence should be judged by evidence and that alone. However, it is widely accepted that “first impressions” can play a role in the courtroom when it comes

  • Censured for failing to confirm instructions - NZ Law Society

    5 Mar 2018: 05 March 2018. [Names used in this article are ficticious]. A lawyer who failed to ensure that he was doing what his clients had in mind has been censured by a lawyers standards committee. The Legal Complaints Review Officer (LCRO), in LCRO 234/2014,

  • Fifty years since the Woodhouse Report - NZ Law Society

    2 Mar 2018: 02 March 2018 - By Don Rennie. On 13 December 1967 the Royal Commission on “Compensation for Personal Injury in New Zealand” chaired by Sir Owen Woodhouse, reported its findings to the Governor-General Sir Arthur Porritt. The report, which

  • Stu Webster 'Attorney at Law' in California - NZ Law Society

    2 Mar 2018: 02 March 2018 - By Nick Butcher. Many lawyers, after 30 years of practice, are probably thinking more about changing down a gear rather than accelerating their career. But that’s far from the case for former Napier lawyer Stu Webster who three

  • McCaw Lewis' active community involvement - NZ Law Society

    2 Mar 2018: 02 March 2018 - By Craig Stephen. A Hamilton firm is reaching out to the growing Pacific communities and Māori entrepreneurs in the Waikato region. McCaw Lewis is a long-standing firm in the city with 51 staff. Recently, it established the Pasifika

  • Judicial review of standards committee decision - NZ Law Society

    2 Mar 2018: 02 March 2018. The High Court has upheld a censure imposed on lawyer Jeremy James McGuire. The Court, however, remitted an aspect of the decision relating to the penalty imposed back to the Lawyers Standards Committee for further consideration. In…eview-of-standards-committee-decision

  • No independent advice and excessive fees — $15,000 fine - NZ Law…

    5 Mar 2018: 05 March 2018. A lawyer has been censured and fined $15, 000 for unsatisfactory conduct that arose while acting for a client in relation to a company liquidation. The lawyer, Snodgrass, acted for Mr A and companies of which he was a director. When…dvice-and-excessive-fees-$15,000-fine

  • Rise of the Machines: Driverless Vehicles - NZ Law Society

    2 Mar 2018: 02 March 2018 - By Damian Funnell. Over the next couple of columns I’m going to look at the incredible impact that artificial intelligence (the ‘rise of the machines’) is going to have on the legal industry and on our day-to-day lives. In this

  • Watch out for lawyer creep - NZ Law Society

    2 Mar 2018: 02 March 2018 - By Katie Cowan. One of the best ways to maintain mental health in your work is to have friends who are not lawyers and to see them a lot. That is because many of the skills it takes to be a good lawyer are not necessarily the skills…-new-lawyer/watch-out-for-lawyer-creep

Last updated on the 7th July 2015