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  • Te reo Māori, kei a ia anō tōna ake whakahua - NZ Law Society

    31 Aug 2018: 31 August 2018 - By Alana Thomas. Correct pronunciation of kupu Maori is essential when learning te reo Maori or developing your understanding of the language. You cannot simply pronounce te reo Maori kupu like you would pronounce them in English,

  • The Innovators: Helen Mackay, Juno Legal Director and lawyer - NZ Law …

    31 Aug 2018: 31 August 2018. LawFest organiser Andrew King continues a series of interviews with key legal professionals with their innovation and technology stories. To me innovation means looking with fresh eyes at the delivery of value by lawyers, which is

  • Inland Revenue targets "dividend stripping" - NZ Law Society

    31 Aug 2018: 31 August 2018 - By Tori Sullivan. The IRD’s crackdown on what it regards as tax avoidance is encroaching further into areas which have, in the past, been considered normal business practice. Its latest target is “dividend stripping”, creating

  • International Indigenous Rights in Aotearoa New Zealand - NZ Law…

    31 Aug 2018: 31 August 2018. Edited by Andrew Erueti. Reviewed by Dr Maria A Pozza and Miaana Walden. This is a unique contribution of informative and critical essays on the effects of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples in this

  • Tesla Model S P100D - NZ Law Society

    31 Aug 2018: 31 August 2018 - By William McCartney. You may well know a few things already about Tesla vehicles: battery powered; semi-autonomous; rumours of a Ludicrous mode; made by a company founded by a guy who founded a company that can simultaneously land

  • Adding significant value to client relationships - NZ Law Society

    31 Aug 2018: 31 August 2018 - By Eleanor Cater. Professional advisers are often surprised to discover how many people get great fulfillment from personal giving. There is no doubt that presenting knowledgeable options on how to give well can be of significant

  • Denver — a work in progress - NZ Law Society

    31 Aug 2018: 31 August 2018 - By John Bishop. Denver, the capital and main city of the mountain state of Colorado, is a large and growing city stuck in the middle of nowhere with a fierce local pride and seemingly much to be proud about. It’s also a city in…l-profession/denver-a-work-in-progress

  • The new defence of responsible communication on a matter public…

    31 Aug 2018: 31 August 2018 - By Garry Williams. Last month, the Court of Appeal delivered its judgment in Durie v Gardiner. The judgment has caused quite a stir in media circles, as, in it, the court (comprised of French, Winkelmann and Brown JJ) recognised a

  • Territory — Do you really know what you are getting? - NZ Law Society

    31 Aug 2018: 31 August 2018 - By Stewart Germann. A key part of franchising is for a franchisor to be able to offer some sort of territory to their franchisees. Most franchise systems in New Zealand and Australia rely on specific territories. A potential

  • New Zealand Law Society Library services: The hidden gold - NZ Law…

    31 Aug 2018: 31 August 2018 - By Geoff Adlam. New Zealand’s lawyers have had access to a national law library service for nearly a decade, but it is possible that many do not realise exactly what is available. The libraries and the library service are well

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