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  • Proposals for a register of beneficial ownership in New Zealand - NZ…

    30 Nov 2018: 30 November 2018 - By Henry Brandts-Giesen and Nick Beresford. On 19 June 2018, the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) published a Discussion Document proposing the introduction of beneficial ownership registers for New Zealand

  • Te Pae Oranga - NZ Law Society

    30 Nov 2018: 30 November 2018 - By Rosalie Chamberlain. Te Pae Oranga is the new name for Iwi Community Panels, which were launched in 2010 to reduce the load on the court system and prevent minor offending leading to serious crime and imprisonment. Te Pae

  • The Innovators: Karen Venables, Founder & Co-Director Legal Solutions …

    30 Nov 2018: 30 November 2018. LawFest organiser Andrew King continues a series of interviews with key legal professionals with their innovation and technology stories. Innovation for us has been around looking at our services from a clients’ perspective and

  • What is good faith in franchising? Part 1 - NZ Law Society

    8 Feb 2019: 08 February 2019 - By Deirdre Watson. In my article in LawTalk 912 (November 2017), I explored the topic of whether or not there is an implied obligation of good faith in a franchise agreement. In this article, part one of a two-part series, I delve

  • When the heat affects your work: safety in the workplace when summer…

    30 Nov 2018: 30 November 2018 - By Craig Stephen. If this summer is anything like last year’s, then offices and other indoor venues could again turn into ovens. NIWA says the nationwide average temperature for the 2017-18 summer was 18.8 degrees, 0.3 degrees

  • Questioning the Questions - NZ Law Society

    30 Nov 2018: 30 November 2018 - By Valerie Bland. I have questions about job application health questions. But first, let me clarify that even though I recently attended my first employment law conference, I do not have delusions of grandeur about my employment

  • Fake designer handbags, fake news, fake lawyers... - NZ Law Society

    30 Nov 2018: 30 November 2018. You’ve got to be careful. Things may not be what they seem. Fake lawyers are not all that uncommon, it turns out. Here are some (mostly) recent examples:. With irregular communications and uncertain constitutional arrangements,

  • The importance of doing nothing - NZ Law Society

    30 Nov 2018: 30 November 2018 - By Raewyn Ng. With the holidays around the corner, we’re being asked more and more often, “what are you doing this summer?” And it seems we’re expected to answer in a way that shows how busy, popular and filled with…-body/the-importance-of-doing-nothing

  • In praise of a post-Christmas zoom out - NZ Law Society

    30 Nov 2018: 30 November 2018 - By Katie Cowan. And lo, it was Christmas time again. That time of jingly bells and clinking glasses and frantic end runs at work, followed by frantic grocery runs at home. It’s a busy time, but I hope for you it is busy in that…in-praise-of-a-post-christmas-zoom-out

  • The Australian Advocacy Institute's Advocacy Manual - NZ Law Society

    30 Nov 2018: 30 November 2018. By Professor George Hampel AM QC, Justice Ann Ainslie-Wallace, Elizabeth Brimer and Randall Kune. Reviewed by Garry Williams. As Murray Gleeson AC QC (Chief Justice of Australia 1998-2008) says in the foreword to the first edition

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