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  • Contemplating loss - NZ Law Society

    7 Jun 2019: 07 June 2019 - By David Allan. (A piece written after being inspired by a kerbside discussion with Olakunle Ajayi about his 2018 Masters of Psychotherapy thesis). Walking into a prison hidden behind stark concrete walls, the first thing you notice

  • Mohammed Idris Hanif struck off roll of barristers and solicitors -…

    3 May 2019: Mohammed Idris Hanif has been struck off the roll of barristers and solicitors by the New Zealand Lawyers and Conveyancers Disciplinary Tribunal. In 2018 Mr Hanif was found guilty of knowingly providing false and misleading information to

  • Danger in relying on an interpreter - NZ Law Society

    7 Jun 2019: All names used in this article are fictitious. When a lawyer has a client and an interpreter is required, relying on an intermediary to the extent that all communication is through them seems to be “fraught with danger”, a lawyers standards…19/danger-in-relying-on-an-interpreter

  • Two recent legal books - NZ Law Society

    7 Jun 2019: 07 June 2019 - By Geoff Adlam. By Andrew P Simester and Warren Brookbanks. As the title states, this is a comprehensive analysis of the principles which underlie New Zealand’s criminal law. A logical arrangement starts with a chapter on the

  • Herman Visagie - NZ Law Society

    7 Jun 2019: Kia ora koutou. It is my pleasure as the newly elected Vice-President Central North Island to be writing the introductory comments for this month’s LawTalk to introduce myself and comment on a few areas of interest to me. I am a proud bi-cultural

  • Fined for lack of respect and courtesy - NZ Law Society

    7 Jun 2019: All names used in this article are fictitious. A lawyer has been fined $1, 000 after his conduct in an employment related meeting was found to be “deliberately aggressive, overbearing and overly personalised”. The lawyer, Carton, represented an…ined-for-lack-of-respect-and-courtesy

  • Pro bono and CLC and CAB work - NZ Law Society

    7 Jun 2019: I have read the article titled “ Finding a match – how well does pro bono work in New Zealand? ”by Craig Stephen (LawTalk 928, May 2019). Respectfully, I wish to request a correction/expansion to the statement at paragraph 9 that:. “[S]

  • Access to Justice — Pro bono - NZ Law Society

    7 Jun 2019: I note in [Craig Stephen’s] article regarding pro bono work, mention was made of the restrictions of practitioners “carrying unpaid work out with CLCs and CABs…. Lawyers could be found guilty of misconduct if they do so.” [page 62]. Now

  • Court security - NZ Law Society

    7 Jun 2019: I refer to [Ministry of Justice Chief Operating Officer Carl] Crafer’s [ response to a letter about court security and the searching of lawyers] published in issue 928 of LawTalk May 2019. Unfortunately, he does not explain why he decided to

  • Talking about mental health: How does that make you feel? - NZ Law…

    26 Jun 2019: 26 June 2019 - By Sarah Laing. How does that make you feel? is a short graphic novel by Sarah Laing. It is part of a series co-ordinated by Sarah Taylor which focuses on mental health issues in the legal profession. (Sarah Laing is a writer,

Last updated on the 7th July 2015