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  • Talking about mental health: How does that make you feel? - NZ Law…

    26 Jun 2019: 26 June 2019 - By Sarah Laing. How does that make you feel? is a short graphic novel by Sarah Laing. It is part of a series co-ordinated by Sarah Taylor which focuses on mental health issues in the legal profession. (Sarah Laing is a writer,

  • The Innovators: Nick Whitehouse, Co-founder and CEO, McCarthyFinch -…

    7 Jun 2019: LawFest organiser Andrew King continues a series of interviews with key legal professionals with their innovation and technology stories. Innovation isn’t about doing things differently because you can, it’s about the client. There are two

  • Social enterprise report a catalyst for change? - NZ Law Society

    7 Jun 2019: 07 June 2019 - By Lynda Hagen. A recent Law Foundation-backed report could be the catalyst for a revamp of the law governing social enterprises – organisations that trade to deliver a social or environmental impact. The report, Structuring for

  • Cognitive biases: challenging the way we think - NZ Law Society

    2 Aug 2019: 02 August 2019 - By Paul Sills. Envy is ignorance and imitation is suicide — Ralph Waldo Emerson. The bandwagon effect, overconfidence, optimism and negativity biases are further “everyday” cognitive biases that subconsciously influence our

  • Effectively managing New Zealand's increasing discovery volumes - NZ…

    7 Jun 2019: 07 June 2019 - By Andrew King. Globally the data volumes experienced in the discovery process are increasing rapidly and this is no different in New Zealand. A common myth in New Zealand has been that our discovery data volumes are only small. This

  • London calling: NZ lawyers in the UK - NZ Law Society

    7 Jun 2019: 07 June 2019 - By Nick Butcher. Many young New Zealanders travel abroad each year and traditionally the first work stop has been London. For young admitted lawyers it’s considered to be a great place to hone their legal skills. Rosamund More is a

  • OneLaw gaining in practice management market - NZ Law Society

    7 Jun 2019: 07 June 2019 - By Geoff Adlam. New Zealand’s market for legal practice management software is a very competitive one. Locally-based companies compete for market share with international offerings. One based in Christchurch has come into the market

  • Four cases about footpaths - NZ Law Society

    7 Jun 2019: Once solely the domain of people on foot, footpaths are increasingly contested space in a world of e-and non-e scooters, growing cycle traffic, skateboards, and, of course cars crossing them (rule 4.4 of the Land Transport (Road User) Rule 2004

  • Family Law Arbitration: What's happening out there in the market? -…

    7 Jun 2019: 07 June 2019 - By Robert Fisher QC. No-one doubts that agreement is the best way of resolving a dispute. Mediation is the best formal mechanism for achieving agreement. Public and private resources are rightly allocated to mediation as the first

  • The Revolution Will Not Be Televised - NZ Law Society

    7 Jun 2019: 07 June 2019 - By Damian Funnell. The day I wrote this I also bought my Tournament Pass to watch the 2019 Rugby World Cup on Spark Sport. Now there’s something I never thought I’d say. On a cold spring morning back in 2015, while a few mates and

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