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  • Fizzy drinks, baked beans and eggs fuelled mature student - NZ Law…

    7 Jun 2019: 07 June 2019 - By Angharad O'Flynn. The oldest of five children, Hutt-based lawyer Viv d’Or had a diverse life before law, working in a number of different roles, including being an orchardist and a television producer. She didn’t start to study

  • Making the move: Finding that first job in law - NZ Law Society

    7 Jun 2019: 07 June 2019 - By Jamie Dobson. Finding that first legal job is a non-linear process: no two pathways appear to be the same. Each role within the profession is a destination with a unique story from the person who ended up filling it. What…the-move-finding-that-first-job-in-law

  • Carrots need to be bigger: Enticing young talent to the provinces -…

    7 Jun 2019: 07 June 2019 - By Craig Stephen. LawTalk’s regular Focus On series has shone a light on the issues and the successes of legal fraternities in smaller centres around the country. And one issue that this particular writer has regularly come across

  • Sir Ian Barker QC retires after more than 60 years in the law - NZ…

    7 Jun 2019: 07 June 2019 - By Nick Butcher. Auckland-based former High Court Judge Sir Ian Barker QC has had a remarkable career that stretches back to the late 1950s. It’s a story that reads and feels as if two men were doing his law work as his immense…es-after-more-than-60-years-in-the-law

  • Does New Zealand's use of imprisonment breach the New Zealand Bill of …

    7 Jun 2019: 07 June 2019 - By Liesle Theron. In New Zealand a person can be sentenced for one or more of the following purposes under the Sentencing Act 2002: accountability of the offender, responsibility for and acknowledgement of harm by the offender, to

  • Law on the Telly: Street Legal - NZ Law Society

    7 Jun 2019: 07 June 2019 - By Craig Stephen. Street Legal was an Auckland-based legal series centred round a lawyer, David Silesi, and his many trials (literally and metaphorically) and tribulations. Based, as Gary Gotlieb told me in his April 2019 LawPoints

  • The delicate balance: Part time/flexible work - NZ Law Society

    7 Jun 2019: 07 June 2019 - By Tracey Cormack. There is no one size fits all to working part-time or flexibly, but more and more legal professionals are wanting to take more control of their lives and achieve that elusive work/life balance. While a major reason…elicate-balance-part-timeflexible-work

  • Litigation funding and class actions - NZ Law Society

    7 Jun 2019: 07 June 2019 - By Nick Butcher. Litigation funding and class actions are increasingly becoming strong access to justice routes. But are there specific laws regulating these services? Is litigation funding an abuse of power? Do the laws that allow

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