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  • Domestic violence and immigration policy - NZ Law Society

    2 Aug 2019: 02 August 2019 - By Pooja Sundar. There are various points at which immigration and family law intersect; whether it is regarding final parenting orders of New Zealand citizen children granted to a temporary visa holder or an adoption order for a

  • Acting for both parties in a transaction - NZ Law Society

    2 Aug 2019: 02 August 2019. A lawyer has been censured and fined $5, 000 because he acted for two parties where there was a more than negligible risk he was unable to discharge his obligations to one or more of the clients. The lawyer’s conduct amounted to a…ing-for-both-parties-in-a-transaction

  • Focus on legal practice in the Hutt Valley - NZ Law Society

    2 Aug 2019: 02 August 2019 - By Craig Stephen. Given the proximity to its neighbour it’s understandable that, in many ways, the Hutt Valley is intrinsically linked to Wellington. But, despite the 20-minute drive to the capital, Lower Hutt and Upper Hutt have

  • Animal welfare watchdog needed, study finds - NZ Law Society

    2 Aug 2019: 02 August 2019 - By Lynda Hagen. A Law Foundation-backed report is helping drive a push for more effective enforcement of animal welfare law. The report, Animal Welfare in New Zealand: Oversight, Compliance and Enforcement, gained considerable

  • Fined for acting while conflicted - NZ Law Society

    2 Aug 2019: 02 August 2019. A lawyer has been fined $1, 000 by the Legal Complaints Review Officer (LCRO) for continuing to act after it became clear he would no longer be able to discharge the obligations he owed two clients. In LCRO 136/2016, the LCRO found

  • Law firm tips the scales and takes out gender diversity award - NZ…

    2 Aug 2019: 02 August 2019 - By Nick Butcher. It’s a significant achievement when a law firm gains a major award for gender diversity in the workplace, particularly when the culture of law firms has been a big talking point over the past year or so. At…-and-takes-out-gender-diversity-award

  • The Innovators: Michael Heron QC - NZ Law Society

    2 Aug 2019: 02 August 2019. LawFest organiser Andrew King continues a series of interviews with key legal professionals with their innovation and technology stories. Just giving something new a go that will make your service better quality, or faster, or both.

  • Professor Penelope Mathew: Refugees and the University of Auckland -…

    2 Aug 2019: 02 August 2019 - By Teuila Fuatai. Perched among the human rights law books in Professor Penelope Mathew’s office is a silver motorcycle helmet. “I ride a Vespa”, she says cheerfully. “But, I still have to get it through compliance over here

  • Libra rising - NZ Law Society

    2 Aug 2019: 02 August 2019 - By Damian Funnell. In June, Facebook, along with a consortium of 27 partners (possibly more by the time you read this), announced the launch of its own cryptocurrency, Libra. Despite their considerable volatility, cryptocurrencies

  • Some “ests” in the legal profession - NZ Law Society

    2 Aug 2019: 02 August 2019. Oldest law firm in the world:Thomson Snell and Passmore in Kent, England is recognised by the Guinness Book of Records as being the oldest law firm in continuous operation. It was established in 1570 by Reverend Nicholas Hooper, a

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