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  • Reflections on a ground-breaking Feminist Moot - NZ Law Society

    8 Oct 2019: 08 October 2019 - By Rebekah Hill, Ellen Lellman and Emily Scrimgeour. In July, what is likely to be the world’s first Feminist Moot was held by the Victoria University of Wellington Feminist Law Society (VUWFLS). The event was inspired by our

  • Running a major relationship property arbitration - NZ Law Society

    4 Oct 2019: 04 October 2019 - By Robert Fisher QC. In a previous article (LawTalk 932, September 2019), I suggested ways in which modest to middle level disputes could be dealt with by expedited arbitration. In this article I consider major relationship

  • Reactive devaluation - NZ Law Society

    4 Oct 2019: 04 October 2019 - By Paul Sills. Conflict is inevitable and is often necessary to bring about change. Our reaction to conflict is typically a problem in itself as we lack robust and fair conflict resolution strategies, all too often falling back on

  • New death notification service - NZ Law Society

    4 Oct 2019: 04 October 2019 - By Tracey Cormack. MyTrove is a free web service now available to solve some of the challenges to lawyers and individuals around estate management. The platform myTrove Notify allows users to notify multiple organisations when

  • The value of friendship in law: Three lawyers from the class of ’64…

    4 Oct 2019: 04 October 2019 - By Nick Butcher. Collegiality and friendship in the legal community is important in a profession that is becoming increasingly digital. Perhaps the best people to ask about the value of human connection between old colleagues are

  • Lawyers battling for justice around the world - NZ Law Society

    4 Oct 2019: 04 October 2019 - By Geoff Adlam. The International Rescue Committee and its President and CEO, David Miliband, have been announced as the 2019 recipient of the 11th Stockholm Human Rights Award. The award is jointly made by the Swedish Bar

  • Top barrister not afraid of a fight: Belinda Sellars QC - NZ Law…

    4 Oct 2019: 04 October 2019 - By Teuila Fuatai. For Belinda Sellars it has always been about the underdog. From her days as a junior in the District Court representing some of Auckland’s most determined drink drivers, to her current post as one of the

  • Barriers to participation in the employment institutions - NZ Law…

    4 Oct 2019: 04 October 2019 - By Chief Judge Christina Inglis. Community groups, academics, policy makers, senior legal practitioners, representatives from unions, Business New Zealand, the Canterbury Chamber of Commerce, Employment Mediation Services, the

  • New technology aids access to justice - NZ Law Society

    4 Oct 2019: 04 October 2019 - By Lynda Hagen. Better access to justice for all New Zealanders – especially people from vulnerable or disadvantaged groups – has been a common theme behind many of the Law Foundation’s grants throughout its existence. Over

  • Windows 7: Leaving so soon? - NZ Law Society

    4 Oct 2019: 04 October 2019 - By Damian Funnell. Microsoft will withdraw support for Windows 7, its fastest-ever selling version of Windows, on 14 January 2020. No more security patches or other updates from this date, meaning it’s time to upgrade. The

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