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  • The Innovators: Charlotte Baker, Legal Design Engineer at Wavelength…

    4 Oct 2019: 04 October 2019 - By Andrew King. LawFest organiser Andrew King continues a series of interviews with key legal professionals with their innovation and technology stories. Legal innovation is about improving the way the legal system works. It means…er-legal-design-engineer-at-wavelength

  • Some cases where matchboxes played a part - NZ Law Society

    4 Oct 2019: 04 October 2019. Police were called to Willie Gatlin’s Florida residence after an argument between him and his girlfriend. He was charged with battery and arrested. Gatlin was only partially dressed and put on a pair of trousers which had been

  • Are we doing enough? The global scale of bullying and sexual…

    4 Oct 2019: 04 October 2019 - By Jamie Dobson. There’s no magic bullet when it comes to achieving cultural change in the global legal profession. A step inciting a change, is precisely that – just one step, says International Bar Association (IBA) Senior…-sexual-harassment-in-legal-workplaces

  • New Incorporated Societies Act — Progress Report 2 - NZ Law Society

    1 Nov 2019: 01 November 2019 - By Mark von Dadelszen. In the second in a series of three articles, Mark von Dadelszen looks at the proposed reform of the law relating to incorporated societies. This involves a complete overhaul of the existing century-old

  • Disciplinary charges against lawyers - NZ Law Society

    4 Oct 2019: 04 October 2019 - By Justin Kleinbaum. In the recent Court of Appeal decision of Peter James Morahan v Wellington Standards Committee 2 [2019] NZCA 221, the Court of Appeal considered the status of conduct that occurred before the Lawyers and

  • The Ethical Lawyer: Legal Ethics and Professional Responsibility - NZ …

    4 Oct 2019: 04 October 2019 - By Richard Scragg reviewed by Garry Williams. Back when I first started, the Law Society would periodically send out to practitioners the Rules of Professional Conduct for Barristers &Solicitors (the Red Book). The purpose of this

  • Being a supporter: a daughter's story - NZ Law Society

    4 Oct 2019: 04 October 2019 - By Carolyn Risk. My father died in July of last year, the day following his 89th birthday. He died of natural causes and in his own bed. There were many times in Dad’s life that I was not certain that those two would be possible…y/being-a-supporter-a-daughters-story

  • Red flags! Is your law office as healthy as you think? - NZ Law…

    4 Oct 2019: 04 October 2019 - By Emily Morrow. About three years ago, I had a well-woman check-up and assumed I would pass with flying colours as an active, fit person. However, when my GP listened to my heart, she said “Do you know you have a very audible

  • Legal nomenclature — from prolix to trendy - NZ Law Society

    4 Oct 2019: 04 October 2019 - By Sir Ian Barker QC. The lawyers of the time when I started in the law would have been rather disconcerted by current trends in the nomenclature of legal firms today. Not as much as they would have been by the insistence of

  • A big story to tell: US lawyers, judges and civil rights - NZ Law…

    4 Oct 2019: 04 October 2019 - By John Bishop. A lawyer is either a social engineer or a parasite; that’s what Thurgood Marshall, the first black person to serve on the Supreme Court of the United States, was told as a student. The wreckage of a burnt out bus,

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