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  • Culture change focus shows in CPD audit - NZ Law Society

    29 Nov 2019: 29 November 2019 - By Helen Comrie-Thomson. As the Law Society’s Continuing Professional Development Manager, I carry out audits of compliance with the annual CPD requirements. While CPD audits serve to verify that practitioners are complying with

  • Charities law needs shakeup, Fellowship winner says - NZ Law Society

    29 Nov 2019: 29 November 2019 - By Lynda Hagen. A first-principles review of New Zealand’s charities law is essential to ensuring many deserving organisations gain – or simply retain – charity status, a Law Foundation-backed researcher says. Charities

  • Guidance to lawyers on testamentary capacity - NZ Law Society

    29 Nov 2019: 29 November 2019. I have regularly provided medical opinions about capacity, including testamentary capacity, in situations where this capacity is in doubt. The loss of capacity for decision-making is a tragic component of many neurodegenerative

  • Payment of a fine takes priority over payments to shareholders and…

    29 Nov 2019: 29 November 2019 - By Lucy Moffitt. A substantial increase in maximum penalties under the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 has seen companies submitting financial hardship at sentencing and has resulted in many fines, that might otherwise have

  • Are you approaching eDiscovery in the most effective way? - NZ Law…

    29 Nov 2019: 29 November 2019 - By Andrew King. Mention discovery to most lawyers and the first thing they think of is cost, complication and burden – not a great starting point! This is at the same time as the discovery process continues to be an integral

  • Family feuds — litigate, arbitrate or mediate? - NZ Law Society

    29 Nov 2019: 29 November 2019 - By Keri Morris and Chris LaHatte. Now that we have received the report from the Independent Panel’s review of the family justice reforms and also following the release of the Law Commission’s report on suggested changes to the

  • Fever pitch: The tournament uniting footballing lawyers from around…

    29 Nov 2019: 29 November 2019 - By Craig Stephen. The World Cup for lawyers is celebrating its 20th edition in mid-2020, with organisers hoping that more countries, such as New Zealand, can get teams together to compete in a tournament that prides itself on

  • Ten countries where lawyers are under attack - NZ Law Society

    29 Nov 2019: 29 November 2019. The Law Society of England and Wales has submitted information to the UN Human Rights Council that an increasingly authoritarian government in Egypt is systematically undermining the rule of law, attacking legal process, lawyers

  • Temporary work visa changes announced - NZ Law Society

    29 Nov 2019: 29 November 2019 - By Haseeb Ashraf. On 17 September 2019 Immigration Minister Iain Lees-Galloway announced a shake-up to the temporary work visa policy which would be gradually implemented until 2021. Mr Lees-Galloway initially proposed a set of

  • Update on legal aid - NZ Law Society

    29 Nov 2019: 29 November 2019 - By Geoff Adlam. Gross legal aid payments to providers were up 13.5% in the year to 30 June 2019 from the previous year. Total gross payments of $179.7 million were well up on the $158.3 million paid in the 2017/18 year and the

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