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  • From the Law Society | Te Kāhui Ture: The art of adaptation - NZ Law…

    12 May 2020: As this issue of LawTalk goes live, the COVID-19 Alert Level is about to go to two. While this is positive news, we are far from a return to normal with many restrictions still in place. This is another test of the flexibility and adaptability the

  • The Innovators: Simon Tupman - NZ Law Society

    12 May 2020: 12 May 2020 - By Andrew King. LawFest organiser Andrew King continues a series of interviews with key legal professionals with their innovation and technology stories. I started out as a litigation lawyer in London specialising in criminal defence.

  • Three Twentieth Century Judges - NZ Law Society

    12 May 2020: 12 May 2020 - By Sir Ian Barker QC. Sir Ian Barker QC. When first writing this series I intended that I should discuss people prominent in the law in those distant days when I was a young(ish) lawyer. I later extended the menu to include some

  • A message from the Secretary for Justice, Andrew Kibblewhite - NZ Law …

    12 May 2020: Kia ora tatou,. I hope you and the ones who matter most to you are safe and well in these uncertain times. As I write this, the Prime Minister has just announced that Alert Level 4 will continue until midnight on Monday 27 April, with Alert Level 3

  • The Stockdale Paradox - NZ Law Society

    12 May 2020: 12 May 2020 - By Paul Sills. Niels Bohr the Danish physicist and quantum theorist (Nobel Prize in physics in 1922) said “How wonderful that we have met with a paradox. Now we have some hope of making progress.” (Ruth Moore, Niels Bohr: The Man,

  • Nurturing your clients: Give them your best service - NZ Law Society

    12 May 2020: 12 May 2020 - By Adrienne Olsen. As we emerge from the COVID-19 lockdown, business for many law firms will have changed markedly. Clients’ needs are likely to have changed and/or the way they run their businesses. Some of you will have new clients

  • South Auckland's Mormon defence lawyer: Panama Le'Au'Anae - NZ Law…

    12 May 2020: 12 May 2020 - By Teuila Fuatai. Panama Le'au'anae sums up more than 30 years of work as a criminal and family lawyer: “Some of the cases that I’ve dealt with are really the worst types of human behaviour”. Measured and resolute, the comment is

  • The new ADLS-REINZ Agreement: Part 3 - NZ Law Society

    12 May 2020: By Thomas Gibbons. This article continues a series on the new ADLS-REINZ agreement for sale and purchase of real estate (10th edition) ( LawTalk 937, March 2020, pages 47-48 and LawTalk 938, April 2020, pages 54-55). Property lawyers and legal

  • From the Bat Cave to the Environmental Bar - NZ Law Society

    12 May 2020: 12 May 2020 - By Angharad O’Flynn. Law was something that Jenna Silcock accidentally fell into. A self-acknowledged lover of good arguments, Jenna avoided maths and sciences during her time at Christchurch’s Marian College, sticking more to

  • The Defence Lawyers Association of New Zealand - NZ Law Society

    12 May 2020: 12 May 2020 - By Elizabeth Hall and Christopher Stevenson. Cicero, the masterful Roman orator and defence lawyer once uttered during an address: “But I must stop now. I can no longer speak for tears”. Almost two millennia later the acclaimed

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