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  • Issue 865 - NZ Law Society

    22 May 2015: LawTalk journalist Sasha Borissenko spoke to academics, politicians, lawyers and other interested parties who call for legislative change.

  • 125 years of activism - NZ Law Society

    19 Sep 2018: In February of this year Newsroom writer Sasha Borissenko along with journalist Melanie Reid and the law clerks they interviewed, helped propel a wave of modern activism by very publicly exposing

  • [PDF] LawTalk 854

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    31 Oct 2014: Ashley Balls, Director of Legal Best Practice. Contents.Contents.Contents.Contents.Contents. Elliot Sim and Sasha Borissenko. ... But the picture is anything from simple. LawTalk journalists Elliot Sim and Sasha Borissenko investigate.

  • Search - NZ Law Society

    17 Jul 2013: 5 Nov 2015:05 November 2015 - By Sasha Borissenko. Mai Chen.…wTalk&daat=99999&start_rank=81

  • JustSpeak - NZ Law Society

    3 Dec 2015: 03 December 2015 - By Sasha Borissenko. JustSpeak national operations manager Hannah Gabriel had always been interested in fairness but it was during her law degree – she will be admitted this month –

  • Lawyer profiles - NZ Law Society

    16 Feb 2011: 5 December 2014. By Sasha Borissenko Meredith Connell’ s Laura Drake has always wanted to be a lawyer. ... 23 October 2014. By Sasha Borissenko Erin Ebborn of Christchurch’ s Ebborn Law first had her heart set on becoming a lawyer as an….

  • [PDF] Issue 865

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    21 May 2015: Sasha Borissenko speaks to academics, politicians, lawyers and other interested parties calling for legislative change. ... Sasha Borissenko. That was very incredibly difficult, especially heading into puberty and adolescence.”.

  • Action Station - NZ Law Society

    3 Dec 2015: 03 December 2015 - By Sasha Borissenko. Long before Marianne Elliott took up the role of ActionStation national director, she had plans to pay off her student loan by being a litigation

  • Josephine Byrnes joins the profession - NZ Law Society

    27 Mar 2015: 27 March 2015. By Sasha Borissenko . “ We should be encouraging more women to enter into the legal professional and it is important to encourage women to take on the role as

  • [PDF] Issue 868

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    29 Jun 2015: Access to. JUSTICE. An investigation of the state of Legal Aid, by Sasha Borissenko. ... New Zealand Law Society journalist Sasha Borissenko investigates. 16 Our Profession, Our People.

Last updated on the 7th July 2015