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NZ Law Society Library, Canterbury

14 August 2018

Under Alert Level 2, the New Zealand Law Society libraries have re-opened. Opening hours are 9.00am–4.30pm, Monday to Friday. There will be no after-hours access until further notice.

  • Entry is by card access only. This will provide the librarian with an accurate record of who has used the library in case contact tracing is required. If you do not have an access card, you can apply for one.
  • Lawyers rooms/libraries which are situated in courthouses are accessible during the opening hours of the court.
  • Hand sanitiser and wipes are supplied and lawyers are responsible for wiping down the keyboards and monitors.
  • Please contact us with any research or document delivery requests at or submit a request.

Justice and Emergency Services Precinct (JESP)

Exterior view of the Christchurch Justice and Emergency Services Precinct
Photo: Pam Carmichael

The New Zealand Law Society Library has two dedicated spaces within the Justice & Emergency Services Precinct in Christchurch:

  • NZLS Library — ground floor, Emergency Services Building (B2 entrance)
  • Lawyers' Room — level 3, Justice Building

Library subscription databases are accessible by lawyers working at both sites.

JESP Lawyers' access cards

Lawyers' access cards allow entry to the Lawyers’ Room and Library, as well as interview rooms, including non-contact rooms and instruction suites.

Download a JESP Lawyers' Access Card application form and accompanying documentation.


The Library's print collection and staff are located on the ground floor of the Emergency Services Building (ESB) located on the Tuam Street side of the Justice Precinct. The Library has an open plan study space with seating for approximately fourteen lawyers.

Three computers (kiosks) are provided for lawyers' legal research.

Lawyers' Room

The Lawyers' Room is located on level 3 of the Justice Building. Two kiosks are available for legal research with 8 computer work spaces available in all. The Lawyers' Room is unstaffed. For assistance from Library staff phone 0800 377 347. The Lawyers' Room is designed as a break-out space for lawyers. As well as computer work spaces, seating for about eight people is provided, along with a kitchenette and bag storage cubicles. Entry is by JESP card access between 8.30 am and 5pm weekdays.


After-hours access to the Library collection in the Emergency Services Building is available to lawyers with a CJESP access card, via a separate after-hours entrance. A small kitchenette, along with toilet facilities are provided.


Lawyers can access Library subscription databases on their own devices when working in either the Lawyers' Room or the Library, via the NZLS Library wifi network (wifi PIN required).

Note: Library subscription databases are not accessible via the Justice Precinct guest wifi network.


  • Entry to the Lawyers' Room - access card only — 8.30am to 5pm weekdays
  • Entry to the Library - access card OR via the intercom at main entrance, inside the ESB lobby — 8.30am to 5pm weekdays
  • After-hours access to the Library by access card only, via the separate after-hours entrance, outside the ESB lobby.

For more information contact Library staff.

Last updated on the 27th May 2020