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Practising Well

The law is a fulfilling profession, but it can also be a challenging one. Practising Well provides support whether you’re looking for advice on how to progress your career, help with an ethical dilemma you’re weighing up, or counselling to assist you through a stressful situation.

If you have experienced or witnessed suspected misconduct or unsatisfactory conduct, you can raise a concern or make a complaint about a lawyer to the Lawyers Complaints Service. 

Bullying and Harassment in the legal profession

Lawyers Complaints Service

Legal Community Counselling Service

No matter what you’re dealing with, it helps to talk to someone independent who can help you through it. We’ve partnered with Vitae to offer a free and confidential counselling service to anyone experiencing distress in a legal workplace, whether they’re a lawyer or not.

Locum Panel

When you need a break for recreational or health reasons locums provide cover for short term absences. We provide a list of locums who can support the principal in a small or sole practice, or staff who need cover to take leave.

National Friends Panel

Your own professional sounding board. The National Friends Panel is made up of lawyers who can be contacted on a confidential basis with questions or concerns relating to practice issues. This can include specific situations you are unsure about and what to expect in a legal workplace more generally.

Mentoring Programme

Mentoring is an informal and voluntary way of networking and learning. Whether you’re looking for support or want to give back, our Mentoring Programme is a free way to connect with other lawyers and support each other professionally, wherever you are in New Zealand.

We're here to help

If you’re not sure where to start and want someone to talk you through the services available call our LawCare phone line on 0800 0800 28

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