New Zealand Law Society - Complaints Advisory Panel

Complaints Advisory Panel

If you are a lawyer subject to a complaint allocated to a Standards Committee, you are able to access free advice from a member of the Complaints Advisory Panel to assist in responding to the complaint.

The panel is made up of lawyers who are available to be contacted on a confidential basis by lawyers who are the subject of a complaint.

The Complaints Advisory Panel is supplementary to the existing National Friends Panel service.

What can you expect if you contact a panel member?

Panel members will listen to you on a confidential basis and provide assistance that may enable you to respond to the complaint appropriately, effectively and in a timely manner.

Panel members will provide up to two hours of pro bono assistance. Any ongoing assistance that may be required beyond this point will be by arrangement between you and the panel member.

Panel members may be asked to provide anonymised feedback to the Law Society to assist with the assessment of the effectiveness of the service. You may also be asked whether you used the service and, if so, some general comments to enable us to assess the service. This will of course be information that you may choose not to provide.

How to contact a panel member

Panel members are shown in alphabetical order, together with their areas of practice or expertise. All members can also provide assistance in relation to general ethical or conduct issues

Inquiries and further information

Should you require any further information, please contact the NZLS National Complaints Manager on 04 463 2915.

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