New Zealand Law Society - Legal Community Counselling Service

Legal Community Counselling Service

The Law Society is trialing a free and confidential professional counselling service. This is available to anyone in a legal workplace – lawyers and non-lawyers.

We have engaged Vitae, one of New Zealand’s most experienced providers of workplace wellbeing services. Vitae is an incorporated society and a registered charity. It has been providing counselling services since 1965, has over 400 support specialists and more than 500 organisations as clients. Its wellbeing services are available to over 130,000 employees and 30,000 tertiary students.

How will the service work?

Anyone who works in a legal workplace can contact Vitae if they want to access the Legal Community Counselling Service.

The Law Society has engaged Vitae to provide short-term, solution-focussed counselling by trained and accredited clinicians (counsellors, psychologists or psychotherapists). The service is individual and confidential.

The service is available every day of the year and every hour of the day and there are three ways you can access this service:

When contacting Vitae please mention that you are accessing the Legal Community Counselling Service.

Anyone using the Legal Community Counselling Service will be able to have up to three free confidential sessions with an appropriate counselling professional of their choice. The first two sessions are on a self-referral basis. Vitae is able to recommend on an anonymous basis that the Law Society funds a third session if this is needed. No individual information will be provided by Vitae to Law Society when seeking approval for a third session.

All contact will be between the person seeking assistance and Vitae. No personal details will be provided to the Law Society. As this is a trial and we need to see how the service is being used and by whom, statistical information will be collected by Vitae and passed onto the Law Society in an anonymous, aggregated form.

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