New Zealand Law Society - Increases in judicial remuneration around 1.8% overall

Increases in judicial remuneration around 1.8% overall

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The Judicial Salaries and Allowances (2018/19) Determination 2018 has increased the total remuneration paid to New Zealand's judiciary by amounts ranging from 1.1% to 7.0%. The overall increase is around 1.8% in total remuneration.

The determination was made on 18 December by the Remuneration Authority pursuant to the Remuneration Authority Act 1977. It has abolished a principal allowance for general expenses which was previously paid to the judiciary.

"The Authority has determined that this allowance is redundant in this modern world. Therefore, from 1 October 2018, the grossed up principal allowance for general expenses has been incorporated into the salaries of judicial officers payable under this determination," the explanatory note to the determination states.

The Authority says some positions such as the Chief High Court Judge, Associate Judges of the High Court, Principal Youth Court Judge, and Principal Environment Judge received a higher increase to address historic relativity issues.

"Rather than percentage increases, the Judges of the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeal received a flat rate increase based on the increase to the salary of a Judge of the High Court."

The Authority is required to have regard to a number of factors when setting judicial remuneration and allowances.

The total remuneration by position in the latest determination is as follows. The combined salary and principal allowance determination for the previous year is shown for comparison.

Total salaries (including principal allowances)

Judicial officer 1-Oct-18 1-Oct-17 2017 to 2018
Chief Justice 553,100 540,300 2.4%
Judge of Supreme Court 518,400 506,300 2.4%
President of Court of Appeal 518,400 506,300 2.4%
Judge of Court of Appeal 486,500 474,800 2.5%
Chief High Court Judge 486,500 472,800 2.9%
Judge of High Court 464,100 452,400 2.6%
Associate Judge of High Court 369,000 345,000 7.0%
Chief District Court Judge 463,200 451,800 2.5%
Principal Family Court Judge 397,600 393,200 1.1%
Principal Youth Court Judge 385,700 371,300 3.9%
Principal Environment Judge 385,700 371,300 3.9%
District Court Judge 348,700 345,000 1.1%
Chief Judge of Employment Court 434,900 430,000 1.1%
Judge of Employment Court 393,100 388,900 1.1%
Chief Judge of Māori Land Court 397,600 393,200 1.1%
Deputy Chief Judge of Māori Land Court 375,100 371,000 1.1%
Judge of Māori Land Court 348,700 345,000 1.1%