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  • Future Proofing your Law Practice - NZ Law Society

    31 Mar 2017: 31 March 2017 - By Emily Morrow. Buckle your seatbelt. I suspect 2017 will be a fast-paced, bumpy ride into an uncertain and challenging future. What has worked well for your law practice to date may not be sufficient to get it to where it needs to

  • Specialist Courts: Their time and place in the District Court - NZ…

    31 Mar 2017: 31 March 2017 - By Chief District Court Judge Jan-Marie Doogue. Judges of the New Zealand District Court are proud of our efforts leading innovation in the delivery of justice. Perhaps the most high-profile examples of judicially led initiatives are

  • A Right to Data Portability: Privacy and Competition Law Concerns -…

    31 Mar 2017: 31 March 2017 - By Kristin Wilson and Joanna Trezise. In his 3 February report to the Minister of Justice, the Privacy Commissioner made a number of recommendations for reform to the Privacy Act 1993. Among them was the introduction of a right to

  • The hidden agenda inside the questions fired off by a journalist - NZ …

    31 Mar 2017: 31 March 2017 - By Nick Butcher. As a lawyer it’s quite likely you may need to talk to the media at some time in your career. Some practitioners do it all the time and are experts in dealing with tricky questions. Others might find it a worrying…e-questions-fired-off-by-a-journalist

  • AUT Law School looking ahead - NZ Law Society

    31 Mar 2017: 31 March 2017. Auckland-based AUT began offering a law degree in 2009 when it became the sixth tertiary institution with a law school. It is now into its eighth year and has seen a number of interesting recent developments in its curriculum and

  • Phase 2 of the AML/CFT Act: Practical implementation considerations…

    31 Mar 2017: 31 March 2017 - By Rebecca Caird. On 13 March 2017 the Ministry of Justice introduced the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Financing of Terrorism Amendment Bill to Parliament This is the next step in the introduction of the Phase 2 anti-money

  • Do you feel like a fraud? Dealing with impostor syndrome - NZ Law…

    31 Mar 2017: 31 March 2017 - By Kate Geenty. Do you ever get the feeling you’re not as talented or as smart as people think you are? That you’ve fluked your way into a good job and one day people are going to figure out you’re a fraud? If so, you’re not

  • Complaints against lawyers over estate administration - NZ Law Society

    31 Mar 2017: 31 March 2017 - By Lisette Solis. Complaints arising from disagreements over the administration of an estate are common. Last year the Lawyers Complaints Service (LCS) received 134 complaints in this area, making up just over 9% of the 1, 459

  • Lacoste shakes up New Zealand trade mark law - NZ Law Society

    31 Mar 2017: 31 March 2017 - By Charlotte Fleetwood-Smith and Stacey Campbell. Most businesses know the importance of registering trade marks. But registration is only the first step. It’s just as important to keep track of intellectual property as a business

  • Compensation for Loss of Dignity: The illusive search for a…

    31 Mar 2017: 31 March 2017 - By John Goddard. Quantifying damages for loss of dignity has been problematic for employment institutions for the last 30 years. The jurisprudence remains unclear and awards have remained unrealistically low. The problems with…usive-search-for-a-principled-approach

Last updated on the 7th July 2015