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  • More on the new Land Transfer Act - NZ Law Society

    3 Nov 2017: 03 November 2017 - By Thomas Gibbons. My last update (A New Land Transfer Act, LawTalk 909, August) considered three key issues arising from the Land Transfer Act 2017: the new terminology of “record of title” (RT), the new “manifest

  • Lawyers do surf… and an Easter 2018 national competition will present …

    3 Nov 2017: 03 November 2017 - By Nick Butcher. There’s a night scene on a sandy beach during the classic original Point Break movie where the undercover FBI agent Johnny Utah says he went to law school. He is talking to the surfers otherwise known as the…competition-will-present-the-evidence

  • Changing the way we argue: Part 2 – Why go to war? - NZ Law Society

    2 Feb 2018: 02 February 2018 - By Paul Sills. The current paradigm for dispute resolution is litigation – a rights-based adversarial model that reflects an "argument-as-war" metaphor. This paradigm has its origins in Greek philosophy, which introduced a focus

  • Pathways in the law: Gibson Sheat, Practising sports law in the…

    3 Nov 2017: 03 November 2017 - By Nick Butcher. The law firm Gibson Sheat has a long history in the Wellington region, with its origins dating back to the early 1900s. Today it has three offices, in Wellington, Lower Hutt and Masterton, with lawyers covering a…ng-sports-law-in-the-professional-era

  • Larissa Vaughan: Head of Legal Wealth and Digital Legal Lead,…

    3 Nov 2017: 03 November 2017. LawFest organiser Andrew King continues his series of interviews with key legal professionals with their innovation and technology stories. I’ve been working with our business teams to develop new financial services products and…l-legal-lead,-kiwibank-and-kiwi-wealth

  • Good Faith in franchising - NZ Law Society

    3 Nov 2017: 03 November 2017 - By Deirdre Watson. Instances of lack of good faith by franchisors are a common complaint made by franchisees. A franchisee complains they are being singled out for a breach notice procedure when other franchisees are also in breach

  • Tackling policy challenges of the information age - NZ Law Society

    3 Nov 2017: 03 November 2017. Three new studies examining online civil courts, data encryption security and the use of posthumous healthcare data have been launched through the Law Foundation’s dedicated $2 million fund for information law and policy research.…icy-challenges-of-the-information-age

  • Fixing Corporate IT - NZ Law Society

    3 Nov 2017: 03 November 2017 - By Damian Funnell. Last month we looked at why corporate IT is so awful. This month we’ll look at how it can be fixed. In most large organisations IT is viewed as a costly inhibitor to the business, rather than the driver for

  • The GPs of the Legal World - In-house lawyers - NZ Law Society

    3 Nov 2017: 03 November 2017 - By Sian Wingate. An in-house lawyer is sometimes referred to as the ‘GP of the legal world’. It’s true that there are a number of similarities. Like GPs, we triage a number of different matters in any given day. Similarly,

  • Is your email service appropriate for your practice? - NZ Law Society

    3 Nov 2017: 03 November 2017 - By Damian Funnell. Vodafone recently announced that they are shutting down all of their email hosting services from 30 November. This is forcing hundreds of thousands of customers – some of whom have used their Vodafone-provided…service-appropriate-for-your-practice

Last updated on the 7th July 2015