New Zealand Law Society - Parole Law Committee

Parole Law Committee

The Parole Law Committee is an active group of lawyers who specialise in parole work.

The objective of the committee is to ensure that practitioners are up to date with the legislation and policy and to also increase our understanding of the roles of the agencies involved with prisoners both inside prisons and in the community.

We also keep in touch with one another to advise changes and developments in policies and practices within prisons. We also aim to build effective working relationships with Department of Corrections staff, psychologists and Community Probation Services. Our focus is on the interests of the prisoner client. Parole law is not currently a popular area of legal work and there is an increasing need for the involvement of more practitioners.

As well as running seminars with agencies, the Parole Law Committee also meets to discuss issues of concern and access to justice for prisoners, including the availability and timetabling of rehabilitative and educational programmes for clients and the development of more accessible reintegration and post-prison support, including the matter of recall.

Practitioners who are active in other areas of criminal and civil law are encouraged to participate in our seminars.

If you would like more information or to join the Committee please contact

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