New Zealand Law Society - Appeal by Auckland lawyer against suspensions and costs dismissed

Appeal by Auckland lawyer against suspensions and costs dismissed

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An appeal by an Auckland lawyer against a decision of the Lawyers and Conveyancers Disciplinary Tribunal which imposed a 15 month suspension from practising law and costs has been dismissed by the High Court.

Jinyue (Paul) Young was last year found guilty of four charges by the Disciplinary Tribunal at different levels including, misconduct, negligence and unsatisfactory conduct.

The offending related to a dispute between his wife’s company and the complainant.

Along with a 15 month suspension from practice, the Tribunal ordered Jinyue Young to pay costs of $45,783.80. It also ordered him to reimburse the New Zealand Law Society the costs of the Tribunal, $11,760.

In the decision by the High Court in Auckland, Mr Young’s appeal was dismissed with the High Court noting that it did not believe the period of suspension of 15 months was manifestly excessive or wrong.

“Mr Young’s conduct, whatever its explanation, clearly reveals an unfitness to practise law, especially litigation. Mr Young’s stubborn minimisation of his misconduct, evident still from his submissions before me … emphasises the need for a clear deterrent penalty and ongoing protection of the public,” Whata J said.

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