New Zealand Law Society - Law Society issues handy compliance summary

Law Society issues handy compliance summary

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A proliferation of international agreements relating to finance and taxation has increased the compliance workload for law firms. The use of acronyns such as AML/CFT, AEOI/CRS and FATCA for these has not necessarily made it easy for lawyers to develop a clear view of the new requirements.

The New Zealand Law Society has released a short guide which aims to provide an "at a glance" outline of the key aspects and requirements of three of the most important which impact on lawyers.

Key facts about AEOI/CRS, AML/CFT and FATCA is the latest in the Law Society's Practice Briefing series. It gives a brief description of each of the three regimes and a checklist of the steps lawyers need or will need to take.

The summary supplements more detailed information which the Law Society has already released. This includes:

FATCA and New Zealand Law Firms.

Automatic Exchange of Information and Common Reporting Standard.

Preparing for becoming a reporting entity under the AML/CFT Act.