New Zealand Law Society - Two attempted email frauds target lawyers

Two attempted email frauds target lawyers

This article is over 3 years old. More recent information on this subject may exist.

The New Zealand Law Society is warning lawyers about two email frauds which are targeting them at present.

The Law Society says both frauds use well-established methodology and seek lawyers' assistance in recovering debts.

One fraud, purportedly sent by a person called "Meny Kusumo" seeks assistance in a debt collection. The fraudster pretends that $295,000 is still owing by the debtor, who is alleged to be in New Zealand.

The other fraud comes from "Huan Song", who says she is owed $670,600 by her ex-husband, Shan Song, who is living in New Zealand.

The Law Society has provided further details about the frauds on a special section of its website.

The intention of both frauds is to dupe lawyers into receiving a forged cheque apparently sent by the debtor. The cheque is deposited into the lawyer's trust account and the amount owing is paid to the fraudster. Several days later the cheque bounces, leaving the lawyer substantially out of pocket.