New Zealand Law Society - Update on Court operations in Northland 1 Feb 2023

Update on Court operations in Northland 1 Feb 2023

Chief District Court Judge Heemi Taumaunu has agreed to extend the local solution framework currently in place in the Auckland Metro District Courts to the Northland region.

This step has been taken in light of the declaration of a State of Emergency by the Northland Regional Council in response to the severe weather that is forecast for the region.

The work of all District Courts in the Northland region (Kaitaia, Kaikohe, Whangarei and Dargaville) will be rescheduled to ensure the highest priority cases across the region can be heard. The prioritisation process is set out in the local solution framework, which is attached as an appendix.

Every endeavour will be made to contact people who will be affected by the rescheduling of cases. Defendants in custody are prioritised and their cases will be heard on the day they are scheduled to appear wherever possible.

Appendix A - Local Solution Framework Auckland Metro and Northland District Courts