New Zealand Law Society - ACC responds to dispute resolution process review

ACC responds to dispute resolution process review

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ACC has released updated information on its response to the independent review by Miriam Dean QC of accident compensation dispute resolution processes.

Ms Dean's review followed a 2015 report by advocacy group Acclaim Otago into accident compensation dispute resolution processes. The Acclaim Otago report identified four issues as the likely causes of current inefficiencies in the dispute resolution system.

The Dean independent review found that some of the concerns raised by Acclaim Otago were valid. Ms Dean recommended a number of possible improvements to existing practice. All of these were accepted by Cabinet in 2016.

The report which ACC has just released was provided to the ACC Minister in December 2018 on its progress in implementing the recommendations.

The ACC progress report says the review made 20 recommendations for ACC, FairWay, MBIE and the Ministry of Justice. It says the majority of these related to the operational processes of ACC and FairWay.

"ACC, MBIE and FairWay are confident that the response to the recommendations has improved access to justice dispute resolution services for claimants, provided greater support for claimants in the dispute process, and increased transparency for claimants about how the disputes process works should they wish to review or appeal and ACC decision."

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