New Zealand Law Society - Blog allows lawyers to share sexual harassment experiences

Blog allows lawyers to share sexual harassment experiences

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A legal researcher has established a blog to enable women and men in the legal profession to share their experiences of sexual harassment, sexual assault and gender discrimination.

The #Metoo Blog is located at

Blog creator Zoë Lawton is currently working at the Ministry of Justice as a legal researcher for the Chief Victims Advisor to Government.

She says the response after just one day has been “quite overwhelming”.

“I set up the blog so that people can share their own experiences, opinions and suggestions in their own words. They can share what they have personally experienced in the workplace, what they have witnessed in the workplace, or what they would like employers to do differently.”

Ms Lawton says it would be great to hear from both women and men as this is a conversation both genders need to be having.

Posts can be submitted anonymously by webform.

“Your post can be as short as a few sentences or as long as you like – every post will make a difference. Your name and the name of your employer/ex-employer will be confidential and the comments section of the blog will be disabled so that trolls can’t have a go at you.”

Ms Lawton says she hopes the blog will be cathartic for everyone who has been affected. She says she will provide the New Zealand Law Society with evidence of the scale of the problem in a printed dossier of every post on 9 April 2018.

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