New Zealand Law Society - Court of Appeal ‘Mark Lundy’ hearing being live streamed by mainstream media

Court of Appeal ‘Mark Lundy’ hearing being live streamed by mainstream media

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The Court of Appeal hearing where convicted double murderer, Mark Lundy is seeking to have his convictions overturned is being live streamed online by media.

Lundy, who was a travelling kitchen and bathroom accessories salesman, was found guilty at two separate trials for the murders of his wife, Christine (38) and daughter Amber (7).

The killings occurred in 2000. The murder weapon was believed to be a tomahawk axe which was never found.

The Privy Council overturned Lundy’s murder convictions in 2013, ordering a High Court retrial in 2015.

After an 8 week trial that year, he was convicted again of the murders and Justice Simon France sent Lundy back to prison to complete the remainder of his original 20 year non-parole period sentence.

At the Court of Appeal in Wellington today, Lundy’s legal team is led by Jonathan Eaton QC, and the Crown is again represented by Philip Morgan QC and Ben Vanderkolk.

The Court of Appeal Judges presiding over the evidence are; Justice Cooper, Justice Winklemann and Justice Asher. The hearing is expected to be completed by Friday.

The Court of Appeal case is focusing on scientific evidence presented by the Crown that showed specks of brain tissue on Mr Lundy’s shirt, which the Crown said came from his wife, Christine Lundy.

There are strict guidelines for In-Court Media coverage applicable to the Court of Appeal, The High Court, The District Court and some statutory tribunals.

The Supreme Court has separate guidelines.

The first New Zealand court case to be live streamed was internet businessman Kim Dotcom's appeal against extradition.

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