New Zealand Law Society - 'CPD' declaration deadline just over 2 months away

'CPD' declaration deadline just over 2 months away

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Continuing Professional Development (CPD) declarations can be made at any time. Your declaration is due not later than 5 working days after Friday 31 March.

The CPD Rules apply to all lawyers.

They require each lawyer to submit an annual declaration of compliance with the CPD rules to the Law Society. This is required for each year, or part year, that you hold a practising certificate.

CPD declarations are completed online and all lawyers must make a declaration even if they are not providing regulated services.

The CPD Rules also require lawyers to give consideration to their learning needs, plan for these, and reflect on completed learning activities. The CPD plan and record (CPDPR) must be retained by lawyers for a minimum of three years.

More information, including a full guide and link to the CPD rules can be found on the Law Society’s website:

CPD requirements

To satisfy the CPD requirements you need to have maintained your CPDPR and completed the required hours of CPD activities— a minimum of 10.

Your CPDPR is your plan and record which must include your

  • Learning needs
  • Action plan
  • Activities record
  • Personal reflections
  • Outcomes - what you will do differently as a result of what you learned and what you have gained from your learning, future learning needs
  • Documentation verifying your attendance

CPD activities can be varied and may come from

  • Participating in courses, seminars, training, one to one coaching and study groups
  • Lecturing and/or teaching which may include reasonable preparation time
  • Writing law-related books/articles
  • Preparing and presenting certain submissions

They may relate to any topic that you feel may assist you to carry out your work as a lawyer including

  • Knowledge of the law, other relevant topics, other relevant disciplines, law and procedures in other countries
  • Legal skills
  • Personal and practice management skills
  • Ethics, professionalism and client care.

Activities must

  • Be verifiable
  • Provide for interaction/feedback
  • Be planned and structured with a stated purpose and outcomes
  • Be related to your individual identified learning needs
  • Not be part of your day to day work.

If you are unsure about the requirements, the Law Society website contains a link to the CPD Rules and Guidelines at