New Zealand Law Society - Don’t get injured while home-working during the lockdown

Don’t get injured while home-working during the lockdown

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According to ACC more injuries happen in the home than anywhere else, and with a large number of people working from home just now, including of course most lawyers, there is the potential for the number of accidents occurring at home to balloon.

ACC data show that, in 2019, more than 1.3 million injuries occurred in the house or in the garden.

The Corporation expects a rise in the 2020 figures with more people at home in self-isolation. But it adds that a few simple measures can help avoid at-home injuries.

ACC’s Head of Injury Prevention, Isaac Carlson, says many accidents in the home are easily preventable.

"Most injuries that occur around the home can be easily prevented by simply slowing down and stopping to assess the risks.

"With many people setting up home offices and learning areas, there might be more power cords in new places around the house. Take some time to become aware of potential tripping hazards.

“Keep power cords away from walkways, and if you can't do that, tape them to skirting boards so people don't trip over them.”

More tips for avoiding accidents at home

The following guide provides more tips on staying safe at home.