New Zealand Law Society - Employment Court amends COVID-19 Protocol

Employment Court amends COVID-19 Protocol

This article is over 3 years old. More recent information on this subject may exist.

Chief Judge Christina Inglis has issued a revised COVID-19 Protocol for the Employment Court.

The revised protocol makes changes in two clauses from the protocol issued on 25 March.

Clause 3 now reads: "3. Matters set down for hearing in the Employment Court will be publicly notified on the Court’s website and via the Court’s Twitter account to enable those with an interest to contact the Registry, so that appropriate access arrangements can be put in place."

A new clause 8 is also inserted. This reads: "8. The Court will not generally accept unsworn affidavits. Practitioners may find it helpful to refer to guidance issued by the New Zealand Law Society. /practice-resources/the-business-of-law/legal-practice/opinion-administration-of-oaths-and-declarations-in-circumstances-of-mandatory-self-isolation"