New Zealand Law Society - Employment Relations Authority outlines operations during Level 4

Employment Relations Authority outlines operations during Level 4

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The Employment Relations Authority says it has postponed all investigation meetings scheduled for the next four weeks up to and including 24 April 2020.

Some cases may continue: Authority Members will consider whether investigations of some matters can continue sooner through use of telephone conference, audio-visual link or be decided by written evidence and written submissions only.

Lodging new applications: Parties can still lodge new applications to the Authority online. Most applications to the Authority are already lodged this way.

Case management conferences: Authority members will also continue, where possible, to hold case management conferences by telephone with parties or their representatives to discuss arrangements for dealing with both existing and new applications.

Timetable directions: Parties should continue to follow timetable directions already made to lodge witness statements and documents for investigation meetings that were scheduled to be held in the next four weeks or in the months afterwards. This will enable postponed investigations to continue more promptly once the COVID-19 alert level is reduced sufficiently to allow new dates for face-to-face investigation meetings to be set. If there are difficulties meeting those directions, parties or their representatives should contact the Authority so alternative arrangements can be made.

Contacting Authority offices: The Authority administrative staff remain available by email and telephone to deal with queries about applications.

Next steps: The Authority will contact parties or their representatives over the coming weeks about currently scheduled cases and whether any steps can be taken to progress them by alternative means.

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