New Zealand Law Society - Free webinar on workplace harassment and bullying

Free webinar on workplace harassment and bullying

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All lawyers are being encouraged to view a free, live webinar on preventing and dealing with harassment and bullying in the workplace.

The New Zealand Law Society CLE-hosted webinar will take place from 11am to 12.30pm on Wednesday, 4 April. Registration is free but must be done before 3pm the previous day.

The webinar will look at harassment and bullying, and workplace obligations. It will identify and discuss environmental red flags – the work hard/ play hard mentality, power imbalances, and what should ring alarm bells.

The speakers are three experienced employment lawyers - Steph Dyhrberg of Dyhrberg Drayton Employment Law, Susan Hornsby-Geluk of Dundas Street Employment Lawyers, and Hamish Kynaston of Buddle Findlay.

They will discuss the steps you can take, and tools that can be used to address these issues and minimise risk. They will provide guidance for dealing with complaints, the investigation process, and the difficulties and sensitivities of dealing with sexual harassment claims, together with the importance of not being a bystander. And the webinar will look at outcomes and pastoral care.

Subjects to be covered include:

  • What is harassment, what is bullying?
  • Identification of environmental red flags
  • Creating a safe and healthy work environment
  • Recognising and minimising risk factors
  • Dealing with complaints and investigations
  • Professional obligations
  • Outcomes/pastoral care
  • Best practice policies

Learning objectives

  • Recognise the need for a safe and healthy workplace, and the steps you must take to create and maintain one.
  • Recognise what amounts to harassment and/or bullying.
  • Feel empowered to take steps if you are aware of, or are a victim of, harassment or bullying.
  • Know the steps and processes to use if an issue of harassment or bullying arises.
  • Know when and how to conduct an investigation or where to go for guidance.
  • Be equipped to deal with the outcome of an investigation.

Email CLE to register

To register more than one person Click here

An electronic paper and PowerPoint slides will be emailed out to everyone who has registered in time. For information on what is required to participate, click here

There will be an interactive feature with participants able to submit questions.

View PDF brochure and registration form here.

Anyone attending the live webinar will receive an electronic certificate of attendance as verification for CPD records. Only those viewing the webinar live are eligible to claim CPD hours.

The webinar can be viewed an unlimited number of times at no cost, and can also be seen by anyone who has registered before the deadline but is unable to attend on the day.