New Zealand Law Society - Law Commission unveils new logo

Law Commission unveils new logo

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The Law Commission has unveiled a new logo and design style, which it says it is slowly integrating into its work.

Image of Law Commission logo

The logo is inspired by the Commission’s Māori name, "Te Aka Matua o te Ture". In Māori mythology Te Aka Matua refers to the parent vine that Tāwhaki used to climb up to the heavens to seek knowledge.

The Law Commission says the vine's direct link to knowledge is what lies at the core of the Law Commission's values, with the strength and reliability of Te Aka Matua represented by the boldness of the brand.

The design agency Gusto worked closely with the Commission to create the new logo and design guidelines.

The Law Commission says its Evidence Issues Paper in March, which will be the first major publication to feature the new design.