New Zealand Law Society - Lord Neuberger seeks mutual respect between judges and lawyers

Lord Neuberger seeks mutual respect between judges and lawyers

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The President of The Supreme Court, Lord Neuberger, has told the World Bar Conference in Edinburgh that the relationship between judges, lawyers and advocates needs to be one of mutual respect, trust and understanding.

In his keynote closing address to the International Council of Advocates and Barristers, he also says the relationship should include a suitable sense of distance and detachment.

He says Judges need the assistance of expert lawyers and that the increasing complexity of the law means that judges have to depend on high quality advocates to direct them to the relevant legislative provisions and case law and to ensure that all arguments that can properly be advanced are put before the court.

"I believe that the system that exists in countries represented here today, Zimbabwe, Wales, South Africa, Scotland, Northern Ireland, New Zealand, Namibia, Ireland, Hong Kong, England or Australia, is one which we have every reason to feel proud of," he says.

Lord Neuberger also highlighted access to justice for all people as crucial.

"Legal advice and legal representation must be affordable to the average citizen," he says.

Lord Neuberger also made the observation that while there are a significant number of lawyers who do very well financially, there are many more lawyers, especially those concerned with most criminal and family cases and other legal issues of a welfare nature who can scarcely make ends meet.

Read Lord Neuberger's full address here

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