New Zealand Law Society - MBIE provides details of 2017 legal procurement process

MBIE provides details of 2017 legal procurement process

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The All-of-Government External Legal Services (ELS) Agreements are due to expire on 22 December 2017.

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) New Zealand Government Procurement says it is now in an early market engagement phase.

"In this phase, we will inform the market of the processes we are undertaking and seek information and feedback about the market. This information will help us to form possible future solutions for the ELS Contract," it says.


MBIE says it will advertise information on the process and updates throughout via GETS (Government Electronic Tender Service).

To register for GETS, go to, click on Create New Account (on the left-hand side of the screen) and follow the instructions.

Workshop series

MBIE is planning to run a series of workshops on the process which is being followed for the ELS. These will cover:

  • Background and brief history of the current contract.
  • Process timelines.
  • Questions and answers.
  • Feedback opportunities.

MBIE says the workshops will have limited capacity and it cannot guarantee entry to the workshop to anyone who has not RSVP'd.

"We would prefer that only one representative from each organisation is present to allow as many organisations to receive opportunity to attend."

The workshop schedule is:

Location Date Time Capacity Address
Auckland 1-Aug-16 9am-10:30am 45 280 Queen Street, CBD
Christchurch 3-Aug-16 9am-10:30am 30 55 Wordsworth Street, Sydenham
Wellington 8-Aug-16 9am-10:30am 30 15 Stout Street
Wellington 8-Aug-16 1:30pm-3:00pm 30 15 Stout Street

To register your interest for a workshop, click the following link:

There will also be anonymous drop-boxes at each workshop which attendees can use to write questions or suggestions.

More information is available at Government Electronic Tender Service (GETS) RFx ID 17679763.

Survey option

MBIE says it will be issuing a survey which mimics the workshops: "This is an additional opportunity to provide feedback, particularly for those of you who cannot attend any of our sessions."

To register to receive the survey, click here:

Request for Information

MBIE is inviting all external legal services providers to government to share information to help them better understand the market. It says this is an opportunity to:

  • Let MBIE know you are interested in carrying out future legal work for Government.
  • Share information on what legal work you are already completing for Government.
  • Share what you think is important for us to consider in any future external legal services solution.

The Request for Information will be open between 14 July and 5 August 2016. To contribute and to submit your response, visit the Government Electronic Tender Service (GETS) RFx ID 17679763.

For information purposes only

MBIE says the workshops and Request for Information are for information purposes only. 

"They will not be evaluated, will not be used to create a shortlist, and will not result in any contract awards. However, they are an excellent opportunity for you to provide early input into a solution that could affect you."

Questions and further information

MBIE says anyone with questions about the workshops, the Request for Information or who would like to provide feedback, can email