New Zealand Law Society - Multi-dwelling units on single title research survey seeks lawyer input

Multi-dwelling units on single title research survey seeks lawyer input

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Legal professionals are being invited to participate in an online survey which looks at the problems encountered with multi-dwelling units on a single title.

The Schools of Law at the University of Canterbury and University of Otago are carrying out the research. It focuses on the problems that have occurred with repairs, renovation, demolition or replacement of multi-dwelling units on a single title (such as strata titles, cross leases, retirement homes and papakainga housing, or units or buildings where mixed commercial or industrial use if combined with residential use).

The researchers say the intent of the survey is to assess whether there are models that New Zealand could potentially adopt which might decrease the number of problems (if any) or mitigate the effects of any unavoidable difficulties.

"This will feed into the larger project, which is intended to find ways to allow quicker and simpler repairs, restoration or replacement of a range of residential buildings so that the overall quality of life in communities of all sizes is protected and, where possible, enhanced."

Legal professionals who deal with these types of dwellings are invited to participate in the online survey to examine what problems they have encountered and how they have responded to these problems. The researchers say answers to the survey can be saved, allowing the respondent to return to complete the survey at a later time (as long as the same terminal is used).

The survey link will be sent in the LawPoints enewsletter to all lawyers on the evenings of 11 and 18 February.

The survey is anonymous. However, the researchers are inviting those who participate to also take part in one-on-one interviews to further discuss issues they have encountered with multi-dwelling units on a single title.

Further information on participation in the one-on-one interviews, or more further details and questions about the survey, can be obtained from Lara Goddard at

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